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Recent posts by bhavya raj


Using DOM to parse XML.

Requirement is comparing the 2 xmls.

<Employee-Detail >
<Emp_Id id="10" name="madhu"> E-001 </Emp_Id>

In Above xml if i give xpath emp_id then i should get Complete XPAth

LIke Employee-Detail/Employee/Emp_Id

How to handle this situation.

Hi EveryOne,

Following are questions regarding Service Oriented Architecture.

SOA Work Flow ?

Technologies based on SOA are

Web Services, CORBA and all EAI tools.

Can you please tell me the technologies which are based on SOA other than these 2 ?What are the free downloads?

Thanking You

Bhavya Raj.
14 years ago
Thanks For spending your valuable time for my request ||||||||||||||

How to share the data of multiple forms like if iam using same action for different forms , how form interaction will be done

<action path="/do" name="actionform1"/>
<action path="/do" name="actionform2"/>
<action path="/do" name="actionform3"/>

so in business logic how will you interact with 3 forms , only one action willbe executed at a time right ?

Here i have to get the data of form1 into form2.

Please,Can you make it clear with example

Thanks and Regards,
14 years ago
Hi EveryOne

Scenario as follows

jsp page contains 2 or 3 forms , in this case how to handle the situation like submitting data , sharing data from 2 forms

Thanking you

14 years ago
Hi every one

iam giving input as #1234* to java file then it shud open notepad

I want code for this

lz help me
15 years ago
HI Every one ,

I don't find any group regarding Hibernet ,

Why we need to use Hybernet ?
15 years ago
Hi EveryOne

I want clear differcence between JVM ,JDK and Java Runtime

And which includes whick one ?

For running .class file what we require ?
15 years ago
HI EveryOne

what are the different types of servlets.

If we want to write our own servlet for particular protocol

what to do ?

Thanks& regards
15 years ago
Hi Every One !!!111

is jspserviece() iverloaded or not ? if not explain clearly.
who will take care about class file generation, recompialtion of servlet for jsp s

Thanks in Advice
15 years ago
Hi to all

Iam confusing with serialization concept.

I know it is used for persistance objects .

static variables won't participate in serialization
Even transient variable also

Explain me briefly when to use serialization ?
Why it required?
When to use transient and static?

15 years ago
Hi to ALL

When i invoke doPost () then iam creating thread and for every 5 sec it calls doGet() .

If i close browser then servlet is not invkoing but thread is running

How to stop a thread when we close browser?

For understanding problem clearly look at folloeing thread

15 years ago
Thanks for ur reply

Following war working properly
Look for "Long Running Process"

When iam closing browser before 30minutes the session is getting invalidated but thread is running upto 30sec.

for that i wrote stopProcess method in ProceessSimulator class
as follows

public void stopProcess()
Thread t1= Thread.currentThread();
System.out.println("This in stop process method");
}catch(Exception e){


When i close browser where sholuld i check seeeion id in servlet and where sholuld i invoke a method to stop thread ?

Aim is to stop the thread when i close browser.Means if browser closed at 15sec even thread should get stop at same time.

Bhavya Raj
15 years ago
Hi Every One

Iam new to this site

User requests to generate report in browser then server gives reply after few minutes mean while i need to check is browser opened or not for every 1 min .if browser closes then session should get stop ie i need to stop running thread .Problem is how to invoke a process or method for every 1 minute.
Iam using servlet concept here i can check with session ids and last accessed time but how to call method for every 1 min i need to check is browser opened or not reglarly until procees is over.

If we use threads concept how to re call a method .

Just suggest me to overcome this problem

Plz Help Me Soon its urgent and sorry for my englisg

Have a Nice Day

15 years ago