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Recent posts by Siri Naray

Hi Nitin, did you get some help on this? I am looking for help in developing a EBill payment system and wondering if you already got some help and send me some inputs.
Thank you
12 years ago
I am getting the following error when trying to run my first sample struts application in NETBEANS IDE 7.0 and Struts2

I included the following jars in the Libraries

1. commons-fileupload-1.2.2.jar
2. commons-io-2.0.1.jar
3. commons-lang-2.5.jar
4. commons-logging-api-1.1.jar
5. commons-logging-1.1.1.jar
6. freemarker-2.3.18
7. javaassist-3.11.0.GA.jar
8. ognl-3.0.4.jar
9. struts2-core-
10. xwork-core-

Please help
Thank you

12 years ago
thank you for teh reply. I did work on couple of other JSTL program and they are working fine. Dont know why this one is acting so differently. I did what you said but still the same error.
Yes the cases are all matching. Still trying to figure out.
One more point I observed is.. When I rename SQL.jsp to anyother name like JSTLSql.jsp and now run it still shows the old SQL.jsp file name. I have to exit the Eclipse for any changes to be effective. Why?
12 years ago
Sorry I gave it wrong. They are actually saved in Web-Contents folder.
Check the following. I like this website for JSP, Servlets.

JSP Reference
12 years ago
CAn someone help me understand why am I getting "message /SQL.jsp description The requested resource (/SQL.jsp) is not available. for the following. Both .html and .jsp files are in WEBContent folder only. And I copied the jar files. Independently when I run the programs both are running fine. In SQL.jsp file Query I gave deptno =10 to check and its showing me the output. The only problem is the server is not able to locate SQL.jsp. I dont udnerstand why.

Thank you
Thank you all. Its working now. As Stefan said I remover WEB-INF from Source and just added MyProj/src in build path.
Its working
Thank you
Thank you all but my problem is not solved yet.
@Stefan Evans

I did check in Project-properties--Java Build Path--Source---
Under that I see Souce folders on Build path is empty. I removed WEB-INF in that. Now its empty. and The default Output folder is set to "Proj1/build/classes", proj1 is the project I created.

Now please tell me what should I be doing to copy the jar to lib. As when I rt click on WEB-INF--Lib and go to Build path I see 2 options

1. USe Source as build path
2. Configure buildpath

previous I set source as build path now I removed that.

Now when I go to Configure Build path I see Java Build Path where Source is empty and default oouput folder is Proj1/build/classes and in Libraries I see all the jars and class folders on the build path . What does this mean?? Are these jars in the source forlder and how do I copy them to WEB-INF-- Lib??

Please help
Thank you for your support
When I am trying to copy the jar into WEB-INF lib its giving me "Cannot copy Clipboard contents into the selected elements"

Thank you
Thank you for the reply. I changed to jsp/jstl and tried too. but its giving the same Exception. One thing I observed is.. I copied the jar fiels to Lib folder in Src and when I tried to copy these jars to WEB-INF lib folder it asked me "Use as Srource Folder" and I selected that thinking all teh Source library files will be used here. Now its not allowing me to add any files to WEB-INF lib folder at all.

What should I do? I see the WEB-INF lib directory is empty and its not letting me copy anything here.
Please help
Thank you
I am getting the following error when I run the HTML and JSP with JSTL. I am working on Eclipse Indigo and tomcat7.0. I copied the following Jar files to my WEB-INF lib folder.


The error is as follows.

Please tell me what else should I copy??

thank you