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Recent posts by Stas Ostapenko

Additional metadata is handled by the annotations or XML configuration file, rigth ? I just want to compare one feature of my favorite ORM framework - Apache ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB). Is it possible in EJB 3.0 to change metadata at runtime ? For example we have a class that is mapped to table at rdbms_1. We need to migrate some data from rdbms_1 to rdbms_2. The class is the same, so the mapping is almost the same except the table name (it is requirement). In OJB i can enable "per-thread metadata changes" and do a little (or maybe not) change of metadata. How flexible EJB's metadata mechanism is ? Can I do the similar with EJB's ?
Thaks for so comprehensive answer ! All is clear now. I hope this topic was interesting not only for me.

Originally posted by Mike Keith:
It is a new model for persistence that describes how to persist simple POJO entities using a standard Java API that is essentially a normalization of the existing persistence vendor APIs.

What are criterias of such normalization ? Standard is fine. The question is how the community will accept it. JDO was the standard too, but not much people had used it (sorry if i'm wrong). What are the persistence frameworks were considered by expert group ? I guess, Hibernate is the first(main) of them.

P.S. Thanks for your time to write a reply
As far as i know there are few books about EJB 3.0. They are :
1) "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0" by Bill Burke and Richard Monson-Haefel
2) "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0" by Rima Patel Sriganesh, Gerald Brose, Micah Silverman
3) "Pro EJB 3.0" by Mike Keith, Merrick Schincariol
My question to Mike and Merrick. What is the place of your book among others ? What is the way they are differ ? Is it good for newbies, or jumpstarters, professionals ?
Usage of EJB Message-driven and session beans IMHO is absolutely clear. But how about the Entity beans ? I know that many people avoided of usage Entity Beans. There are many other third-party ORM tools which are rather powerful and easier to study and use. What are pros and cons of Entity EJB's with comparison of third-party ORM tools ? How EJB 3.0 will change the situation ?