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Can u just paste the URL for the site... instead of becoming a member of your Y-Groups
19 years ago
I have worked in IT for more than a decade and currently contemplating between product specific certification Weblogic or generic SUN Web component Developer test or is there any other way that you think of is better ?!
Pl. share you thoughts and Comments as which one has more appeal from employment perspective.
Request for all: Please don't make this posting to vent your frustration on the "Currrent Job Market"
[ October 15, 2002: Message edited by: Ravi Naidu ]
Based on "Anonymous Coward's" eye for detail, especially her majesty's language we should recommend "Anonymous Coward" to write a routine for British/American English Compliance for the forum ... :roll:
19 years ago
Pradeep: It would be interesting to get your comment as which way the industry is headed in your opinion ... BEA Weblogic or Webshere???
Rishi: To answer your Q "which BEA WL Cert site u r talking about" check out -
Also look for more posting in Javaranch under
Products >>> BEA/Weblogic
Contemplating between BEA and IBM WebSphere certification for vendor specific J2EE certification. Given today's market, where can I get the most bang for the it worth it... or is it worth the effort.
Joe: I have been through your BEA WL Cert site, It will be interesting to read abt. your take on this Q...
please use the first name last name format as required in the ranch
Sorry ...seems it is too late now.
From the other postings on the site and on checking the sun site it seems registration has closed or Sun has enough candidates for the BEta test now.
Please suggest a book short and sweet to prepare for SCJP Time - 3weeks prep working full time. I have basic java knowledge.
Please suggest a resonably priced and reliable j2ee hosting company - ejb, jsp & servlets (preferably though not necessary -Weblogic App server).

r u vijay srivastava from madras
if yes, this is Ravi here,email:
else apology

Originally posted by Vijay Shrivastava:
One is product specific and one is generic. I have both certification (SCEA Part 1 working on Part 2) WLS developer certification, I can tell you both of them will help in increasing your knowledge and both test are very well designed. They will force you to study many things which you may not otherwise.
Objective for both of them is different one is path to be an certified architect and one is a certified specilist in specific product. I will not able to give input from future market demand point of view as my understanding is recruiter hardly understand the value of certifications.
Ultimately it is what you know which matters?

20 years ago
try posting your Q in the www.NOVAJUG.ORG 's yahoo groups you shd get better response...
btw we also have a SCJP study group there that I am coordinating... tnx Ravi
20 years ago
I have a question. I have a xml file,
I created a xsd file ( it is the same as dtd).
Everything worked fine and I am using Turboxml to do this.
Then i created a xsl file.
I used turboxml to convert this file to html file.
It will not display the way i want if I have xsd linked to the xml file.
But if i remove xsd file link to the xml file then the display works fine.
I don't understand why. Do you know what is going wrong. Can you advice me on what I must do to use all the three xml, xsd and xsl.
just a thought... I luv this site but hate seeing postings by people to "change your name" instead of an Answer, very frustrating for some one like me who has CTS( Carpel Tunnel Sysndrome). Why on earth don't the JAVARANCH site guys enforce the naming standard(First name + space + LAst name) during registration itself and avoid tons of posting by sheriff, ranchers etc. to correct username later...
Let me put this more in line with our XML forum, we shd check for "well formed" UserName during user registration itself ;-) Again it reflects bad on the site as why the mecca of all Java sites is missing such a simple "Validation"???
21 years ago