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Recent posts by Kamal Trivedi

I also faced similar problem in Netbeans 6.8 Environment with Tomcat 6.0 & get resolved by adding libraries to project.

Using Netbeans 6.8->Select Project->Right Click Properties->Select Libraries->Inside Compile Tab->Select Add Library Button->Added
Java EE6 API Library &
Java EE6 GlassFish-v3 &
Java EE Web 6 API Library

& Compile & Run the project again.

These works for me.
Try running using lower configuration
i.e MIDP:1.0 , CLDC:-1.0
11 years ago
In order to implement the whole logic, you require a bluetooth dongle.
11 years ago
When we create the applications in mobile
we have
- less processing power
- less memory
- small screen

so the concept of highly defined database like SQL,Oracle is not feasible on mobile's
Even some of the company provide good database for j2me like "Perst Lite J2ME Embedded Database","J2ME Polish DB"etc.
But after using 3rd party database or API, the problem for portability arise.
So try to avoid 3'rd party tools , if possible

But in order to run J2ME applications on all mobile's .You have to stick with the RMS(Record Management Store)
The RMS consist of very low level of functionality.
i.e It does not have method's like addRow,addColumn,addTable.etc

So you have to develop your own logic for addRow,removeRow or addColumn etc.

Best of Luck
11 years ago
I want to create an application which provides "Current Location" information.

There are 2 way's to move ahead.

1) By using Location API in mobile.

Drawback:- After doing R&D , i conclude that :- Very less phones support Location API & difficult to test on Emulator.

2) By using Server-Client Architecture

Which API to use which gives me current mobile location to Server .The server checks the client co-ordinates & provide detail information to mobile.

My Question:-

-> Which is the best way to proceed. ?
-> How to proceed ?

I am totally confused.Please throw some light.
Also provide some good link,if possible

11 years ago
If you are getting "Invalid Jar file" , it means CLDC & MIDP version does not support to phones CLDC & MIDP
In order to check phone's cldc & midp version use these link


Generate the jar file that supports your phone & deploy in your phone.These might work.

Your JAD file should look like this

11 years ago
So you required some kind of component like"Phone Book"
You can use the 3rd party component from J2ME Polish
the component name is "Filtered List"
It consist a combination of Text Field & List

11 years ago
Try in same midlet, because these will not create sharing issue & will work on both MIDP1.0 & MIDP 2.0
In order to insert data to mobile rms you have to generate "insert" & "delete" methods using "javax.microedition.rms.RecordStore"

Conclusion:- By using "Saving in offline mode" feature in same Midlet, you didn't have to install another application or share recordstore.
11 years ago
In order to run JAR/JAD files on Windows Mobile , you will required JBlend Software to install on your Windows mobile
Here goes the link.


Let me know these works for you.
11 years ago
We are developing an J2ME based application.
We are using basic J2ME class + J2ME Polish Library(UI) + J2MEDB(DB)
& some images
The jar file size is now 2.0 MB , which is not feasible for some phones.
i.e Some mobiles have restrictions like if JAR file size > 512 KB ,then that application can't be install.
On applying Obfuscation , i got many errors so can't proceed on that point..
Also let me know how to apply obfuscation steps...
I have get to know about Proxy Class.Let me know if this can solve my problem.
Or is there any other solution to decrease jar file size...??
12 years ago
Hi Friends,
I was finding a complete local database which is compatible with all CLDC & MIDP versions & consisting of Relational Database & also supports SQL query.But i didn't found all in one feature.I have selected J2MEMicroDB as per my requirement.
Below is list of all J2ME CLDC/MIDP Database.

1) Apache Derby

2) Java DB


4)mcobject - Perst Lite Embedded Micro-Database for J2ME

5) Openbasemovil

6)J2ME Device DB

7)Mimer Database

8)Mobile Query Manager



11)RMS DB Class

12)Micro DB

Let me know which you have selected & discuss it's features,is you have used.
12 years ago
I have found one application named Pointbase Micro for JDBC in CLDC Mobiles
12 years ago
It will be better if you use some rich editor like NetBeans or Eclipse so you don't have to face such complications.
12 years ago
In order to use this background features & all which is not provided in core J2ME API.You have to use 3rd party API's

1) J2ME Polish
j2me polish

2) LWUIT is a UI library

3) www.Kalmeo.org[/B]

I prefer J2ME Polish......
12 years ago