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Recent posts by Arun Kumar

Please read section action as second action, a typo.
12 years ago
I have a struts config like one below.

I am facing this issue. In the first action I do some manipulation and change the data of the MultiChangeForm which is an action form but when I reach the section action multiAdd those changes are not visible in the section action. All the attributes which were added to the form in the first action is lost in the second action and form looks like brand new as it arrived in first action.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

12 years ago
I have tried the syntax above but it does not work, and throws the following error.

No getter method for property accountStatus[0].selectInd of bean MultiChangeForm'

12 years ago
I know this could be easily done in struts 2 but unfortunately I am using struts 1 and here is my situation.

I am using logic iterate to iterate over a list and at the same time I have a list in the formbean to which I have to set value.

The MultiChangeForm is something like this.

The snapshot for AccountStatus is. I want that when I submit the form the value should be set in the AccountStatus bean.

12 years ago
Hi Guys,
I am usinng this ant apt task to generate the JAX-WS stubs for my implementation classes. I am facing two issues.

1. My classes throw a "ProcessingException" which is nothing but a framework class and I do not have access to it.

It crashes saying that it does not have default constructor for java.lang.Throwable. So I made it run by commenting out this piece of code.

But what is the solution to it, how to handle the customized checked exception because at the end of all this it will always refer to the java.lang.Throwable

2. Some of the classes that my implementation class accesses have the fields which is of type "java.sql.Date". It cribs saying that

Of course I cannot add the default constructor in that class how to handle it.

14 years ago
I added fork="true" in the ant task like below and it works.

14 years ago
Hi Guys,
I have this ant task which I am using to generate the JAX-WS stubs

It fails in the middle throwing this error.

Can I somehow suppress this and move on, I am not interested in doing anything about the depreceted method, It can just hang in there.

14 years ago
Thanks Jeremy for your continued help. I am pasting the stack trace here.

Application is using the properietry framework to loolup the ejb. The jndi name that I specified was "mainservlet/ejb/tpaServices_com_ing_tpa_services_ApplicationServiceHome"

I have also used all the below combinations.


Nothing worked till now.

14 years ago
Thanks Jeremy, I left the application-client.xml and added the jboss-client.xml and that fixes the issue. Now I am able to deploy the applicaiton without any issue.

Now I am getting the issue in resolving the jndi name for the ejb.

I have the following code in the ejb-jar.xml

and I have the following entry for this in the jboss-client.xml

I have opened the jmx console and see the following entry in the jmx console.

I tried all the permutation combination of the JNDI name to resolve it but could not.

14 years ago
Thanks Jeremy,

I added the jboss-app.xml

but it still give the problem I believe the problem is this application is also the client of all the jar that it is deploying using the home interfaces.

Therefore this has an application-client.xml one entry of it is as below.

I believe this is the problem if I delete the application-client.xml then the errors stop.

14 years ago
Hi I am trying to deploy an application on jboss which was already running on weblogic server.

I am facing some issue in deploying the ejb which is bundled in an ear file.

there is this application.ear which has three components.

application.jar which bundles all the ejbs.



I am pasting the application.xml file here.

application.jar has the ejb-jar.xml

one element of it i will put here

I have added the jboss.xml in the jar file with the following input.

It cribs with the following error while deploying on jboss.

15:50:20,113 ERROR [org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer] Could not start deployment: file:/C:/Test/4.3.0/server/citistreet.jms/tmp/deploy/tmp64688application.ear-contents/application.jar
org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Failed to setup client ENC; - nested throwable: (org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: ejb-ref ejb/tpaServices_com_ing_tpa_services_UserServiceHome, expected either ejb-link in ejb-jar.xml or jndi-name in jboss.xml)
at org.jboss.deployment.ClientDeployer.start(
at org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer.start(
at org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer.start(
at org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployer.deploy(
14 years ago
Hi Friends,
I have an application which I am running on websphere application server. The problem with that I am facing is that with WAS connection pool setting I am having the connection leak issue. Thererefor I had to switch to the hibernate connection pool.

Here is the additional code I have used to put the hibernate connection pool in place.

for this to run i have also commented out this line from the above code.

my question is do i need to specify

To make it run without connection pool leak.

Thanking everybody in advance.
9 years of total Information Technology consulting experience. Involved in Design, Development, Requirement Analysis, Migration and Porting, Support and Maintenance in varying capacities of Team Lead, Architect and Mentor to Junior.

8 years of experience in J2EE/JAVA technology. Experience in JSP 2.1, Servlet 2.5, EJB 2.1, JMS 1.1., JDBC, MBean, Java Script, XML. Experience in Struts 1.1 and Bluewire frameworks, RAD 7.1, Jboss 4.0, Apache Tomcat 6.0.14, Weblogic Portal Server (7.3 and 8.1), ATG Dynamo 5.1 and Jrun 3.1, servers. Experience in handling Oracle10.x/9.0/8.x and SQL Server 7.x databases.

One year implementation experience of Supply Chain Management and Advance Planning System package. Implemented APAg and PSP packages of J D Edwards for extruder lines of a plastic manufacturing plant.

Domain experience of Real Estate Finance, Manufacturing Supply Chain Management and Publishing.

14 years ago
Hi Claude, Thanks for your response but it seems like there is some compatibility issue.

Instead of using the connection pool setting of websphere I plugged it in to the built in connection pool setting of Hibernate.

This works perfectly fine as expected. When observing through TPM, what I saw is on close of the connection it actually does not close the connection and websphere latches on to the old connection.

E J2CA0081E: Method cleanup failed while trying to execute method cleanup on ManagedConnection WSRdbManagedConnectionImpl@45c245c2 from resource jdbc/defaultDS. Caught exception: DSRA0080E: An exception was received by the Data Store Adapter. See original exception message: Cannot call 'cleanup' on a ManagedConnection while it is still in a transaction.

14 years ago