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Recent posts by warren li

For new projects, do you still design using entity bean? It seems the trend is
to use other persistence technologies, such as Hibernate or Spring. And most jobs nowadays require Hibernate or Spring. Nobody seems to talk about entity beans for persistence any more.
Is it still popular, even with EJB 3?
Thanks for discussing.
Thanks for the warning.
I managed to find the book in another bookstore here, going to get it later.
Thanks, MZ.

But I really can't read a whole book on the computer. Let alone study it always in front of the computer. So I'd prefer a book. I think I'll go with the Sun blueprint book, since I can find it here and it is also the reference the exam writers use besides the RMH book.

The RMH book is no longer available in my place. The book store said it is a very old book so it was out of stock.
Is there any other book someone has used for the SCDJWS?

What about the following books:

Perspectives on Web Services: Applying SOAP, WSDL and UDDI to Real-World Projects
By Olaf Zimmermann
Amazon Link

or this Sun publication:

Designing Web Services with the J2EE(TM) 1.4 Platform: JAX-RPC, SOAP, and XML Technologies (The Java Series) (Paperback)
by Inderjeet Singh (Author)
Amazon Link

I am curious to know which one is more reputable and recognized in the industry, Sun SCDJWS or IBM Web services-related certs?

It seems that SCDJWS is not very popular although it has been out for a while. And it is a very difficult one.

Any comments from the veterans here? please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.
entity beans only allow CMT, which mandates to end a transaction with the method. You don't have choices here.
2nd guy here want to know. The SOA seems interesting to me.
Hmm. I did a little research and come out with the following that I will be interested in:

1. IBM certified SOA solution designer. Test 665.
2. IBM certified Solution Developer - Websphere Integration Developer V6.0.1. Test 094
3. <same as 2> but V 6.0.2. test 991.

V6.0.2 is much more business-related and more advanced than V6.0.1.

Does anyone here have any of these tests? SOA is in demand now. All of these actually have something to do with SOA.
No. You'll get an IllegalStateException.
You have to end a transaction before you start a new one. EJB 2.0 doesn't support nested transactions.
I found IBM certificates are closed linked to their products, even with version number.
In the Websphere business integration section, I found the following is closest to the area I want to pursue.

1. IBM Certified Business Process Analyst - WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V6.0.2
2. IBM Certified Solution Developer - WebSphere Integration Developer V6.0.1
3. IBM Certified Solution Developer - WebSphere Integration Developer V6.0.2

From their objectives, I found the first one is about the Websphere monitor.
The 2nd one is the one closest to what I know, about the J2EE modules and component development and testing. And the 3rd is much more advanced, although its name is so similar to the 2nd one, more on business process, abstract design and analysis.

What are your views on these 3 certs?
[ June 24, 2007: Message edited by: warren li ]

I intend to develop my career towards the direction of business integration.
Right now I've already got the certifications in my signature, as I have worked in this area for 4 years. I haven't decided whether I'll go for SCD for Web Services, or SCEA.

But I feel, based on market demand, that I need to know something that are linked with certain application server products, e.g. WebSphere, WebLogic or Oracle AS, etc.

Is there any certification from IBM, BEA or Oracle that you guys recommend?
I don't intend to get a system administrator in Websphere thing, because I'm not interested in Sys Admin (at least for now).

Thanks for valuable input.
cool, mate. Not many can score 100%.
I took the exam this morning and scored 94%, with 4 wrong out of 70 questions after a month preparation.

What advice can I give?

This is what I did: Bought HF EJB book, read it page by page, did every pencil questions and chapter-end questions, reviewed what questions I did wrong,
read those pages in the EJB spec that are referenced in those chapter answers. After finishing the book, I read it again, but this time it was a quick review in 3-4 days and I picked up those points I didn't understand and those I forgot. Then I did the final mock exam and scored 71% only. LOL.. but well, not worried, I knew I could only do better in the real exam.

Along the way, I wrote important and memorization stuff on flash cards, but I didn't have time to go through them before the exam today.

Things you could do but I didn't do if you have the time:
Review your hand-written notes, e.g. those flash cards.
Read the whole EJB spec. but I think KB's reference pages in each chapter 's answers are sufficient. They are the important ones in the whole spec.

Thanks KB for such a good book and thanks for my money paid to you.
[ June 21, 2007: Message edited by: warren li ]
use the no of correct questions to judge.

I know in the spec, it is not stated for MDB. and in the final mock in the HFEJB, the question is there. but because that mock doesn't have exact no. of correct answers, I did it wrong.
I think the spec is correct also because MDB is asynchronous. The calling method won't suspend to wait for MDB to complete. The calling method will continue executing after it sends the message to the JMS destination. So, the suspension of the calling tx does not apply to MDB.