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Recent posts by Anjali Purohit

Congragulations to you again Pinjalim. I shall give you a suggestion of what to do next........ treat yourself to a cup of java.
It was nice meeting you at the exam centre..... chatting with you ..... I forgot about the exam tension. And the cup of java we had before the exam... was refreshing.
18 years ago
Thank You Pinjalim, Dave, Valentine, Sanjeeva, Fei ng for ur wishes. The interaction that is possible on this site for a specific group........ haven't seen it anywhere else on the net.
And Pinjalim.... ur hardwork paid be happy about it. Don't be so hard on urself. Life is work hard & enjoy the results. All the best for ur future.

[This message has been edited by Anjali Purohit (edited November 27, 2001).]
18 years ago
I am glad my hardwork did not go waste. Got 66%, but I am happy with it. Had I put a little more efforts, might have scored more. The exam was easy, just needs serious preparation. Something really surprising was that I scored 100% in io.
I have been a silent visitor of this site. But checked more of the results forum to channelise my preparation.
Basically I am writing this post to THANK JAVARANCH & the people behind it.
18 years ago
Thanx a lot manish & ravish. That's cleared the cobwebs from my mind.
Thanx a lot FEI NG & Jim. I was getting worked up over the shift operators but now things are clear to me. I don't know how I missed to check that link on javaranch.
Anyway, could u further explain how to change binary to a number.....0111 to 7.
Thanx again.
What I wanted to know is
4 in binary = 0100 and
3 in binary = 0011 HOW??
In the exam how do I decipher that 4's binary is 0100 & 3's is 0011? Explain here how do I convert the number into its binary equivalent.
I am not getting this into my head..... can someone explain.
What is the result of the following operation?
System.out.println(4 | 3);
Answer is 7 HOW???
Congrats kausik... great score. Calcutta seems to have a growing population of java certifides.
Keep going.......
Hearty congragulations again.
18 years ago
There is this function setEditable() inherited from TextComponent class.
Ajit is right. His explanation is enough. The answer is 1,2,3 & 4.
Hi Ratul Bahnji,
Can't u have ur full name put in? So it seems u having being studying a lot these days.
I think the answer is TRUE. The Window class is a superclass of Frame. And stating from book... The Window class creates a top-level window. Generally, u won't create Window objects directly. Instead, u will use a subclass of Window called Frame.
So wether creating an application or an applet..... for use of menu bars or pull-down menus .... only Frames got to be used.
Hope u got that Mr. Bahnji