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Recent posts by shashi nela

I have a finder method which passes a list like this. I have to retreive the an object from this list. the Query is something like this

Where lisJob list holds Integer objects and cnfgId is a integer.
Can anyone help me on this? If i use in operator instead of exists this is working but i need to to use exists operator.

I am not able to know whether my syntax is right or whether i am using the right method to retreive objects. Even in hibernate doc it is not mentioned clearly.

I also cleared SCJP 5.0 with 72%. But i used whizlabs SCJP Simulator extensively. It's the best. very tough questions are there in simulator which makes it easy in real exam. they are now giving it for only 500 odd rupees for india.

I am going to write SCWCD exam in 2 months.
13 years ago
Passed SCJP 5.0 with 72%. I know this % is less but i had to do it for performance appraisal. I got very low score in concurrency and API contents.

But anyay i finished my exam. Just planning to write SCWCD exam.
13 years ago
I am writing SCJP 310-055 exam next weekend. I getting 60%-70% in Whizlabs simulator Exam and 70%-80% in Epractize labs simulator.

Will i be able pass the real exam with this marks. How is the Exam guys if anyone has attended the Exam. Will the real exam be tough than the simulator exams

Hi Armen,

I am writing the SCJP 5. 0 exam next week, and i still feel i need some more to do.
Could you please forward the materials to my i.d as soon as you can. My e-mail i.d is

Thanks in advance.
Take care
Thanks sanjeev.But i find it bit difficult in undertanding them. Can anyone give me anyother link
Can Anyone Please let me know hoow the Generics questions are asked in certification exam
Can Anyone Please let me know hoow the Generics questions are asked in certification exam

output is String. How is it possible?
yes. When i deploy the session bean or MDB the container automatically loads into memeory but this BMP bean it is not loading in memory.

I have developed a BMP bean and i have deployed the jar in the default directory of JBoss. But it is not able to load the into memory.

Is it that it accepts only ejb3.0 spec.

I am usig ejb 2.0 and jboss4.0 application server.

it is not able to load the file into memory.

Al my xml files are ok.

No i want to kill the thread.

So that some other process can become active.

I have a situation. I want to stop a currently executing thread.

Till java 1.3 it was stip() method which was killing the thread.

But as of java 1.4 this method has been deprecated.

Can u'll please help me to stop the thread without the stop() method.

Any code snippets or some example will be fine.

I have written one example like this but it is not working.

I want ot stop the thread when counter reaches 90.

Thanks in advance,
Hi all,

I need some sites or examples for the following scenariao or Model 2 Architecture

From jsp -> the request has to go to servlet -> the servlet should execute stateless session bean. The session bean has to process the logic, may be executing a query and the data has to be sent back to jsp.

Can some one please explain the steps or give some site addresses for this.

Thanks guys that was just a typing mistake. Next time i will put it in code tags.