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Does anyone performancewise which one is better either a StatelessSessionBean or a webservice?
My Client and the service which I am going to expose will be implemented only on java. So which one would be faster?
One thing about webservice is that it has to convert the xml object to java and vice versa which I think is unnesscary if you are sure that the client which gonna call this service would be in java.
So i think a statelessssessionbean would be faster that a webservice.
Also I'll get instance pooling with Beans.
I think this is something whcih I want but its partial,
Once you are getting the tokens,then for each of the tokens
I need loop. Its like for each token I again have some strings
which I have to loop around.
So I need two loops one for the tokens and other one for each token.
Hi all

I have 2 strings string1 and string2 which are both comma delimted. What I wasnt to do is tokenize xsl helper on both strings and then cycle round them.

i.e. I want to do something with the 1st value in both lists then the 2nd value in both lists and so on.

ultimately I want something like a foreach but have access to the current index value in both lists

How can i do this?

I know that simple enough to test but my problem is I don't have that much time this time to test, that's why I posted this in the forum to get some help on it beforehand.
14 years ago
Thanks for answering.
In the case (2), say in my first application I created a session and then redirected the request to different application. So you mean to say that I cannot access the session attributes here? Please explain.
But within a timeout period if I redirect my request from this application to the one where I created a session what happens in that case, will I be able to access the session and session attributes back again?
14 years ago

What happens to Session and Session attributes when :

1.) a request is Redirected "currentApplication"?
2.) a request is Redirected "differentApplication"?
14 years ago
We are uing Spring Application Context to get the object of our own user made classes. Now my problem is we have to do a WebLogic Clustering. And we need to find out some way of doing in-memomry replication between the Servers but the problem is the Object we are getting it from Spring, so is there any way of replicating the Objects looked up from Spring container to Weblogic Server to maintain the in-memory state replication on clustered Servers.
14 years ago

I would suggest whatever code is there in your init() method ,
put in your MDBS ejbCreate(). So whenever the application will startup
it will do the intialization thing for you. efine a static variable in any of your singleton class say count,And in the

if(SingletonClass.StaticVariable ==1){
put the init code here

If this will not work then at the startup from ejbCreat() you can post a message to the MDB itself which can call any heper class method that can do the housekeeping for you.
I am trying to create a weblogic cluster with two managed servers but as our application has Static HashMaps,singleton classes etc which are updating in each transaction. So i want to know whether a memory replication is possible so that in case of failover or load balacing this data should be shared by both the servers.
14 years ago
Please tell me how have you created the Cluster in weblogic. Which version of weblogic you are using?
14 years ago
I am using MDB here to consume messages so my quetsion is will that MDB consumes a message with highest priority?
If I 'll set a highest JMS priority in a message. Will that message be consumed first even if it is at the last position in queue.
Is ConcurrentLinkedQueue is an FIFO queue ??
14 years ago
Can anyone tell me how I prevent caching in Internet Exploere 6.0.
I have tried using meta tag in my jsp but it doesn't work.
<META Http-Equiv="Pragma" Content="no-cache">
<META Http-Equiv="Expires" Content="-1">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">

I found out that this deosn't works with IE 5 and above.
I didn't get back to you early but thanks for your suggestions.
As suggested i think I can go with concurrent hashmap as also i foud some intereating things about it. It performance get better as concurrent thread tries to access it.I'll share the link with you guys
Take a look.
14 years ago