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Sumit Chopra

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Recent posts by Sumit Chopra

If US economy slows down then would it not have a cascading effect on India too? The IT spending in US will go down and naturally that would diminish Indian IT exports thereby affecting Indian companies' revenues.

I am no economist, but may be this could happen.
15 years ago
I have walked out of one interview because the HR mislead me about the role. The technical discussion went in different direction. So had to stop it there and say good bye.
15 years ago
How about the new Honda Civic?

I thinks it is good too.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Sandeep Desh:

May be even more. Heard freshers get 5-6L.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Shallen Kaistha:
Most common reason for switch is Immediate reporting Manager ?

15 years ago

Originally posted by Amitabha Batranab:
Dont forget the cow. WE All Yield to the Cow!!.

Also sometimes goats, donkeys, buffaloes and dogs too !
15 years ago
I doubt how many westerners would work for the paltry salaries in Infosys.
Would American fresh graduates work in India for rs. 2-3 Lakh per annum really?
15 years ago
It is not possible to swtich jobs in Dubai. I have heard that when you resign from a company in Dubai, your work permit expires and they would ban you from entering Dubai for next 6 months. So you cannot change jobs there.

4500 seems much better. Since they are offering you accomodation, I think you can save decent money. When I was researching, I was told that I would incur monthly expenditure of about 1500-2000 AED. I do not live stingily, but am not a lavish spender as well. The maximum component of that is the phone bill to your country. Phone calls to India are costly from Dubai do not know about Pakistan. Still that leaves you with about 2500 * 12.5 = 30k+ INR = more in Pak rupees.

I think it's pretty okay.

I am curious about IT scene in Pakistan. Could you please tell us the general information if you do not mind. How much salary can a 2 years experience java person get there ?
15 years ago
I have to drive Suzuki Alto. That's all I can afford here in India.
But I'm still happy with it.
15 years ago
I had offer of 8K AED per month + accomodation + transportation for 3.5 years.
I did not think that was very good offer.

But it all depends on the person and his situation. I am in India and the situation here is that hardly anybody is going to accept the offer which is made to you since you get similar or more money in India itself.

But I do not really know the situation in Pakistan. But overall the offer is not good, I'd say.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Mike Van:
In my case, I had an opportunity to make what I thought was a lot of money, instead of pursuing a Bachelor's degree. If I had chosen to go to a 4 year institution, I would have had the ability to pick whichever place I wanted (great reference from people that mattered). In my case, I chose the money and after a few years was regularly increasing my salary double percentage points every year. Do I wish I had gone to the college? Yeah, I'm sure I'd have been making at least what I make now if I had gone.

However, my personality is not one that would have done well sitting in a classroom or library studying. I'm more aggressive than that and am a risk-taker. I believe the greater the risk, the greater the reward. I believe that you have to get your hands dirty, work the long hours, and be innovative to be successful. I chose more entrepreneurial goals than knowledge and have done fairly well.

So, here's my suggestion. Find out how entrepreneurial you are. Are you someone that likes taking big risks, or are you someone that would rather live life less dangerously? Are you a visionary, or do you prefer to have someone guide you? The pursuit of knowledge is a far nobler cause than the pursuit of money. But, without those who are willing to pursue money, the knowledgable wouldn't have jobs.

The world needs leaders just as much as it needs followers. If you have the opportunity to greatly expand yourself and you are entrepreneurial, go for the money. You can always hire someone with knowledge. Be careful though, the downside of risk is harsh. If you commit and lose, be prepared for a long climb back to the top.

Very well said. I really liked it and it did make me think..
15 years ago

Originally posted by Arun varma:
Package is almost same.I am looking for career growth and where i can learn new things and where i can get quality work.

Typically tsys should have beaten IFlex by some way w.r.t. salary. You may want to renegotiate the offer.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Manish Hatwalne:

SMS is *not* free in India, at least it hasn't been so for last several years for my state. I think operators offer few free SMS (say 100 or so) when you get a new card, later you have to pay for SMS.

- Manish

Yea. That is correct. They have'nt been free except for Reliance I suppose who did offer unlimited free sms when they were new in the market.

I dont like this sms idea. Its easy and better to talk.
15 years ago

Originally posted by sachin yadav:
yes, true said. once you have knowledge money will follow you.

Is that guranteed?
15 years ago
There has been enough Accenture bashing done here and may be people are bored doing the same again. If you could search for previous posts you're likely to find it and probably would be enough to make you think on your decision to join Accenture.
15 years ago