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Recent posts by Kalpesh Jain

Try your luck, it might be a typo
17 years ago
I think MUMBAI has lot to offer than what it seems if you think big.
There are many IT companies in BKC/Seepz/Malad (Mumbai), Mahape (NaviMumbai), and Thane. All these areas are well reachable from every point and more developement is going on at Seepz++, BKC, Navi Mumbai, Goregaon, Thane etc.

It may not have as many IT companies as compared to Banglore/Hyderabad at present but once the various public transport projects and Road Link projects are completed, there could be a boom in IT sector, once again.

And if we talk about payscale, then a good IT company's pay doesn't vary much from city to city.

Personally I feel its wrong to say living is tough in Mumbai. I would rather say living minus travelling is a very convinient as almost everything you want is available at any time wherever you go...
17 years ago
Is it a good idea to include family background when asked 'TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELf' ?
17 years ago

Originally posted by John Johnson:
By the way, I always wondered if there is a way to declare objects pointed to be final. Something like const pointers to const variables in c++.

Can't we declare an object final and refer to it with final variable ?

Someone once said that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

Johnson, you are very right in saying so...

But at present my priorities are different so I've to compromise a bit and don't mind working on any technology as long as it is going to stay there in market for coming 15-20 years and will do good a value addition to me(in terms of both knowledge and package ).

Here all I wanted to know is if there exists any job profile to suite most of my skills that I have gathered so far.
17 years ago

This is quite interesting piece of code. I thought it compiles since 's' is pointing to a single array object and that internally it may be doing like s[0],s[1],s[2].....like that

so I tried using ArrayList which returns object, but you see it still compiled fine

and if I try to change sg inside for-each loop then finally compiler shouts

Really donno how to interpret it since compiler allowed to place 'final' before primitives and arrays and any collection objects :roll:
Hi Niku,
K&B focuses very well on SJCP 5.0 (otherwise specified) so you always know you are in right direction. There are tons of mock exam available freely on internet but be selective and go for the one that really serve your purpose. But this comes only after you are thorough with the basics.
Commercial mock exams are somewhat good in a way the questions are presented and explained with reasons and that you get hundreds of questions at one place. But if someone says that commercial exams have best collection of questions, I'd rather disagree to it.
And by the way, mock dumps are discouraged by javaranchers and by me too but it is always a good idea to take some mocks before you appear for real one. That will give you a good idea of how far you stand from what you want.

Here are some links that I dig from net and might prove helpful to you;


Examulator by Marcus Green

Generics FAQs by Angelika Langer

VGood list of mock exams

Questions by Sreenivasa Kumar Majji

Bill Brogden's site


very good quizzes from Abhilash

and our own java ranch's mock list

All the Best!
[ December 23, 2006: Message edited by: Kalpesh Jain ]
17 years ago
Please advise me as I think am headed nowhere.

This is my career background (present to past-- in that order)
1.5 yrs exp. and currently working on
[ core banking software 'FlexCube'
Oracle/SQL (would soon appear for paper-1 of OCA)
Business Objects (supervisor,designer,formatting reports)
also thinking of BO certification if required.. ]

Had 6 months exp. on core Java
Recently completed SCJP5.0 with 91%

Have done my Bachelors in Electronics

Given that background, I'm confused as in where should I go and what kind job will best utilize all my skill set.

Currently I'm not working on JAVA but I'd be happy if I get to utilize its knowledge along with other technologies.

I don't know if such kind of job requirement even exists

But recently I heard from my friend about dataware housing.... do i have a hope left ??
[ December 28, 2006: Message edited by: Kalpesh Jain ]
17 years ago

And what about this?

Long l = -128L;
Long m = -128L;

its clearly written at SCJP FAQs on javaranch

Note: The Java Language Specification does not explicitly guarantee this behavior for long values within the range of a byte.
[ December 21, 2006: Message edited by: Kalpesh Jain ]
Thankyou very much all of you
17 years ago
Good that you are aiming at 100%, you might atleast endup close to it if not 100%... All the best
17 years ago

Finally I got through the wall of SCJP. The exam was quite tough and its questions really scratches the concepts but if you are strong conceptually you are good

I'd really like to thank John Meyers, Marcus Green, Barry Gaunt, Jim Yingst, Anil kuchana, Jothi Shankar Kumar Sankararaj (I didn't miss any comma here ), Sharmaji and Corey McGlone for wonderful Blog and all those ranchers who directly or indirectly helped me.

Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates They have written a Bible for SCJP... The book is the BEST!!

This site is the BEST!!
[ December 18, 2006: Message edited by: Kalpesh Jain ]
17 years ago
Thanks Marcus!!
I'll definitely try that exam
I searched for exams by Marcus Green (1,2,3) but I could only find exams pertaining to SCJP 1.4 and that too last updated in somewhere 2003. Where will I get the latest Marcus G series ??