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This is pallavi roy Thanking Senthilkumar Panneer Selvam.
I cleared the exam today and without the link to tkhis post it wouldnt have been possible.
I would also like to thank my husband for coaxing me constantly for the exam and all his support and encouragement.[He even searched topics :-)]. [Passed IBM 829]
I have been working for 3 years on Portals now.Worked mainly on Faces Portlet development and Portal and WSRP framework and Portal Server administration.

The questions i found a few additional topics of interest.

Architecting a Portal Solution
� Develop themes, skins and screens
IBM WebSphere Portal V6 Information Center (Concentrate on custom themes)
Designing and Transforming Content(wp_dev_pdf.pdf).
Their favorites are Theme.policy.

Identify portal dependencies on existing software
� Search the IBM Workplace Solutions catalog
What is the purpose of catalog in IBM.
Check out how a portlet can be searched
� Size the custom portlets that have to be written
� Use out-of-the-box portlets

Install, Set up and Configure the Development Environment
� Debug a portlet on a local server - sg247501.pdf
I would recommend to go to RAD help contents and read each line on local and remote portlet debugging.I got all my questions from there.

� Diagnose problems with development environment installation
� Identify Software Requirements
If you had done installation of RAD, you would be able to answer. These are pretty simple.� Optimize development environment� Understand software prerequisites (including compatibility questions)

Write a portlet
� Ajax basics
[URL=]� Compile and package a WAR file
� Describe the portlet life cycle
� Develop Portlet applications utilizing Portlet JSR 168 API core objects
� Effectively use JSPs to supply portlet rendering markup
� Effectively utilize portlet configuration and state objects to control portlet behavior
� Effectively utilize portlet modes and states
� Embed references to resources within a portlet
� Implement action processing
� Make effective use of portlet application wizards
� Support multiple locales, clients and devices within a portlet application
� Support multiple markup
� Use APIs to forward and redirect URLs
� Wiring cooperative portlets
� Work with portlet deployment descriptors (caching)
portlet-1_0-fr-spec.pdf � JSR 168 Spec.

I wouldnt like to add more to this.Their favorites are Portlet Context,Portlet Preferences.

Backend Portlet Services Just want to add They love this topic]I covered each type of Portlet Service all from wp_dev_pdf.pdf.
Trust me the coverage is exhaustive.

1) Content Access Service
2) Credential Vault service.
3) Property Broker Service
4) PUMA Service.

� Configure and access application-specific data sources
� Create a portlet service
IBM WebSphere Portal V6 Information Center
Developing Portlets (wp_dev_pdf.pdf)�
� Implement cooperative portlets� Use a portlet service
IBM WebSphere Portal V6 Information Center
Developing Portlets (wp_dev_pdf.pdf)
� Use Service Data Objects (SDO) tooling to enable access to remote systems
� Use the credential vault service
IBM WebSphere Portal V6 Information Center
Developing Portlets (wp_dev_pdf.pdf)

Testing and Debugging a Portal Solution
� Debug a portlet on a local server
� Debug a portlet using WebSphere Portal remote - sg247501.pdf� Set up portlet parameters
� Troubleshoot portlet applications
Go to RAD Help contents and search for error conditions table.And others is how you have been exposed to working with RAD and WPS.

Additional Portlet Concepts
� Implement personalization within portlet application
� Use struts concepts within the portal framework and JavaServer Faces
Though it talks about RAD6, I referred this for struts portlets.
The content provided in wp_dev_pdf is also very good.
� Use the business process engine (bpe) API
IBM WebSphere Portal V6 Information Center
Integrating business processes (wp_admin_pdf.pdf).

Same applies here the better you know process of creating a business proces application.� Using Content Manager APIs
IBM WebSphere Portal V6 Information Center
Managing Web Content (wp_wcm_pdf.pdf)
� Work with composite applications/templates
Lots of questions on these know how to implement a composite application and its API.

Apart from this:
1) Know the type of portlet preferences provided at portlet mode level.
2) Packaging your components into war file.
3) Accessing your Portlet Service,Credential Vault Service.
4) Try doing an installation of RAD and Portal Server.
5) Know where your log files are updated.
6) JSR-168 specification is required more than 60%

Best of luck to everybody.

Best Regards,
Hi Cameron Wallace McKenzie

Why are all the links to portal tutorials down.
Night is the only time i get to study.
My portal certification is knocking at the door.
Please get the site functional.
Your site is the only site with good insight into Portal development.

Best Regards,
13 years ago

I need ti insert a table in jsp page.
Which does not display data from a database.
It has some controls in the table like radio buttons and command buttons.
Could anybody suggest the best approach.

Best Regards,
Hi All,

I have a form where i want this functionality:
A)If the user clicks the browser closing button(X) then he should get a pop up stating that "Do you want to save the changes before closing the window"
B)If the user clicks "yes" on the confirmation Dialog then the window should not get closed but allow him to do some other functionality on the current page.
C)The pop up Diaolg should not appear when the user is navigating to some other page from the current page.

For the above scenario A) and B) using window.onbeforeunload = function(e) is ideal.But the problem is it also pops up when the user is navigating to another scenario C) fails.

I applied another solution for preventing scenario C) taking the IE properties but sceanrio B) fails here the window will definitely get closed :
function unLoadFnc()
if(window.screenLeft < 10004)
alert("Refresh Coordinate: "+window.screenLeft);
alert("Closing Coordinate: "+window.screenLeft);

I know it is asking to much in a nut shell.But please respond to this mail if you know any alternative.I would really appreciate any help.

Best Regards,
Hi All,

i have a portlet and i have created a URL mapping.
I am using Websphere Portal Server 5.1 and RAD 6.0.
Where i intend to pass a request parameter as :

And in my Faces Portlet code i want to use the paramter to display the name in scriptlet code.In this way :
<% String userValue = request.getParameter("name"); %>
Hi !! <%= userValue %>

But this doesn't seem to work.
i only get the message :
Hi !! null

What is the reason for the request parameter for not being visible.

Best Regards,
14 years ago
Hi Geetu,

I hope this caters to your requirement.
But if i have the following components in my portal page then i use the following to retrieve the id.

view<portlet:namespace/>:" + formID+ ":rowValueId"

Best Regards,
14 years ago
Hi ,

Could you tell me your environment.(portal server and technology)
If you are using tomahawk components.Then you could use <t ataScroller>.
It works wonderfully.
I could help you then.

Best Regards,
14 years ago
Harkwork pays.

Best Regards,
You deserve it.
I am sure people are waiting to offer you the new job.

Best Regards,
Hello ,

Its not required to have elaborate work experience before you start for SCWCD.What is required is the right material and dedication.
You can do it in 2 months also.Go through the success stories of fellow ranchers on Wall of Fame.
Refer to the SCWCD FAQ you will lots of answers there like mock exam specification etc.
Read Head First properly and make your own notes.This is very much required in remembering all the important points.
And you can get all your unanswered technical queries answered on this forum.
Best of luck.

Best Regards,
Hello Everybody,

Its good to do things differently.I want to thank you for your wishes.
I am really happy with the innovative response from Satou kurinosuke,
Sayak Banerjee(thanks for the 550/- offer) , Rohitt Vermaa and Sreeraj G H.

Thank you Marc Peabody for giving me a chance to be on the wall of fame.

Best Regards,
Hi All,
I have written a servlet which tell my journey to SCWCD1.4.
I scored 89%.I have two years of experience in core java development.
But advanced java always fascinated me but my lack of experience hindered
people from offering me j2ee projects.
So i finally decided to crack SCWCD.

import hardwork;
import balanceWorkWithStudies;
(java package imports are mandatory don't skip them)

public class SuccessServlet extends HttpServlet {

public void init() throws ServletException {

Buy HeadFirst and Hanumanth Deshmukh SCWCD study guide;
Install Tomcat on your system;
Download the jstl,jsp,servlet specification;
Download the j2ee api;
Get a good copy to take down your notes;
Set a target for your self(int time(2-3 hours in a day,7-8 hours on weekends));

public void doPost(HttpServletResquest req,HttpServletResponse res) throws
ServletException,IOException {

A)Read Head First once and execute the code snippets to understand the code flow and take down you notes properly (Best narrative book ever written)
Now read Hanumanth Deshmukh it gives a right view into specification related details.

B)Give importance to these topics apart from all the objectives on :
(Things lited below are the favourite topics of exam authors)
dynamic attributes,filter mapping,return types of methods(rem getResource()),log and sendError methods,jstl optional attributes(rem scope of attributes),EL expressions,JSP document(rem jsp:root),
'/' plays a vital role when it comes to requestDispatcher,<taglib-location>,welcome-file.
tag files tag,variable,attribute directive and jsp:invoke,jsp oBody.
<body-content> values usage,
war files,empty operator in EL,<jsp:include> and <%@include%>,how exceptions are handled.

Follow java ranch forum closely you get very important information.

C)20 days before the exam read HeadFirst and SCWCD study kit again.
This time drill all the points in your mind.
Now start the mock exam go for a chapter wise assessment first
(preferable for this are Marcus Green,j2eeCertificate).
Enthuware mock exams or Jdiscuss are from same authors.
Whizlabs questions are also amazing.
(For all those confused which one to buy both get 100% score so you can buy either).Try to score minimum of 80-85% in these exams if its more even better.

Download Miklai Zaikin's notes and read it in the last week (what's registered once in your mind is done).
2 days before the exam take up the Head First exam.
Trust me it has the most beautiful questions to tickle your mind.
I scored 68% in this exam. (68+20+1% god's grace=89%).

Your Preparations done now go for it.

public void destroy() {

Clear the exam and get the score.
Thank god , pat your back.
Thank the authors of HeadFirst and encourage fellow ranchers to go for the exam.



God Bless you all.
Best Regards,
Hi All,

Please let me know if the order of xml elements is fixed in the deployment descriptor.

Best Regards,
Thank you all of you.
I shall buy Whizlabs.
Sayank would it be a relaible source to buy JWebPlus.

Best Regards,
Hi All,
This is a question to the people who have answered their exam and have purchased online mock exam.I wanted to know which exam help you better in tackling the real exam.The questions were of the same difficulty level as the real exam.

Whizlabs : 345 questions+150 quiz questions.
Enthuware: 483 questions.

Your suggestions would be really helpful.

Best Regards,