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Ashwini Ghamandi

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Recent posts by Ashwini Ghamandi

Thanks Krinshna and vivan.

Exam was really tricky. due to time constrain I havent got chance for going through mock exams and practicing more questions.
I think purchasing mock exam will shuarlly increase your score.

I Used:
1)EJB in Action
2)Mannigs Book
3)MZ notes

MZ notes are really usefull. thanks MZ.
Hello ranchars,
I just passed SCBCD 5 certification exam with 65%.
I am bit disapointed with my score.

Thanks javaranch, thanks MZ forvery usefull syudy material
and all Ranchars for their help.

and thanks for sharing your experience with us.
There is no exam for this version.
you may go for SCBCD 5 .
9 years ago
Congratulations !!!
9 years ago
Please Guide me from where can i download Enthuware Mock exam simulator!!

Thank you in advance.