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Recent posts by Kram Nart

Ulf Dittmer wrote:I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a book for this particular exam. The exam is behind the times of WS trends, and IMO the lack of a book reflects that. For example, JAXR/UDDI never caught on (except behind closed doors in a few large companies), but it's still part of the exam. And there's very little about REST (and nothing about JAX-RS, I believe), which is the preferred choice for new WS projects these days. Also, the SOA hype has subsided, and WS are no longer seen as the panacea they once were, so the general level of interest in the exam (and its value) is probably less than it once was.

Interesting take. I had plans to take the SCDJWS but now I'm not so enthuse about it anymore. Can you recommend an alternate certification relating to WS that is in good demand and is future-proof to some degree?
Oracle is really bad at communicating the required material for their exams, especially the ones from other companies that they have bought out. I think they're actually proud of the fact that they've made the access to information so scarce that they even brag on their site about it. It's kind of ridiculous.

Katrin Perry wrote:Hi,
Just in case you still not sure.
b) is not correct.
According to EJB core specification: - "Timers can be created for stateless session beans, message-driven beans, and 2.1 entity beans.
Timers cannot be created for stateful session beans[94] or EJB 3.0 entities"


Thanks. I know it's a mistake on this free mock exam question.

Question :2 Which two types of beans support Timer service?

a) Stateless session beans

b) Stateful session beans

c) Message Driven Beans

d) Entity Beans

I thought it was just (a) and (c). Why is (b) correct as well?

The source is Skills Guru.

I know that @WebService and @WebMethod will be covered on the exam, but what about @SOAPBinding, @WebParam, @WebResult, @OneWay, and @WebServiceRef - do I need to know all of these as well?


Kengkaj Sathianpantarit wrote:Even Sun is not acquired by other company, it doesn't guarantee that EJB 3 will be popular, Spring Framework can compete with EJB 3 in almost every aspect.

You're absolutely right. This article mentioned briefly about that and what it might mean for Java in general

Thanks for the confirmations. I got kind of spooked by that whole discussion about things losing popularity and eventually phased out in that thread.

Reza Rahman wrote:Kram,

The point is that the SCBD is unlikely to change (the same is also true of Java/Java EE as a whole) with or without Sun. Also, as I said, I don't see the wisdom in dwelling too much on something that is a rather distant possibility and more or less looks like a media hoax at this point.

Best regards,

PS: I think a Sun merger with a more stable company is inevitable and a good thing. I am not sure IBM would be the most developer/community friendly choice, though. I was personally hoping for Apple or Red Hat with the hardware part going to some other company like Fujitsu or HP perhaps.

I agree with you Reza, that Java is not going away anytime soon. It's just that there's a valid point from the buyout thread I've posted, and that is, something might be around (like COBOL) but it may not be relevant. Personally, I'm sold on Java. Perhaps Oracle would be another company that would make sense in shaking hands with Sun as well, if that will ever happen.

Jothi Shankar Kumar wrote:

Kram Nart wrote:Does pursuing the SCBCD still make sense if Sun gets bought out by another company such as IBM? How true is the comment about the JavaBeans folks getting fired from Sun? What's your thought on this?

What has Javabeans or SCBCD got to do with it?

Well, because I'm in the process of studying for the SCBCD and I'm looking for some positive indication that it will be relevant for at least a little while. The SCBCD is a Sun product after all, and who knows what its next reincarnation might look like after some other company takes over. I just want to put my time, energy, and money towards something worth all of those things.
Does pursuing the SCBCD still make sense if Sun gets bought out by another company such as IBM? How true is the comment about the JavaBeans folks getting fired from Sun? What's your thought on this?
What does this mean for people who currently hold and/or pursuing Java Certifications? Does it make sense to continue the Sun Certification path?
13 years ago
It would be nice to have a HF EJB for sure, but from the looks of it, we would be looking at another year or so before we can get our hands on it, and even then, you're taking a chance with the new authors as the ones we're familiar with have already expressed that they're not interested.

I'd say give it up and use whatever resources that are available right now. I'm doing it. I'm curious as to what the passing % among EJB 3 test takers who have gone without HF though - I see the 'passed with xx%' threads from time to time but I wonder that for every of those threads out there, how many have failed with xx%?

I do feel like I'm taking more of a risk without a dedicated exam preparation material like HF but it's either that or waiting for something that may or may not come to fruition.
13 years ago
I've searched and found 2 similar posts on this topic but no answers.

Anyone have experience with internationalization/localization of portal page(tab) titles?
13 years ago
I double-checked, there's no mention of DD configuration for it.

The next step of this tutorial is to discuss how the <formTags:select> custom tag is declared in the TLD. Here is the relevant chunk of the TLD:


This tag constructs an HTML form 'select' tag. It also generates
the 'option' tags based on the set of items in a list passed in by
the optionsList tag attribute.

So, option (a) is clear, but why is option (b) valid?

I just read Bryan's tutorial and found nothing mentioned regarding entries in the DD, only TLD.