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Recent posts by Jeff Belisle

I used For Seq/Class diagram (UML 2.0)

For Component diag, I used Enterprise Architect(EA) 30 day trial version.
The catch is that when you copy diagram from EA it has a watermark, So I used snagIt to capture the screen from EA :-)

Yes if you use EA, you need to finish your assignment in 30 days.
1 Year from the date of purchase.
Or make an assumption that changed itinearies always result in extra payments

Originally posted by Aurelio Calegari:
Has someone ever tried to print the Epractize SCEA 2 Assignment mocks? I really bored because we can't - Is there any way?


Use SnagIt to capture the screen and then print it. Of course its tedious but just in case you want it sooo badly.
Ask one of your friends to give you jar file containing assignment.
To download from Sun you need to have part 1 completed.
It is not adaptive.
Its a pretty basic exam with no bells and whistles.
Hi all,
How do you prepare for part 3?
What type of essays are there in exam? I am totally clueless.

Please enlighten me.
Yes, standalone Java app does not need to go through Servlet. It can directly hook up with EJBs on app server and will have its own copy of business delegate and service locator.

Guiding principle: java app needs top performance, so it should directly tap in EJB apis.
In context of part 2 assignment: is it a good idea to show multiple actors on same sequence diagram?

i.e. Java application user: TravelAgent & InterUser: customer.

UML allows me to do so.
My interpretation: WebServers are PURE webservers serving HTTP requests with NO web-containers at all. Its a very common practice to co-locate web & ejb containers, as application servers provide both capabilities.

There is no point in wasting licenses by deploying them separately unless there is a compelling need to scale them individually. However, architecture must not exclude separate deployment option.
I have been researching for UML 2.0 tools for last 1 week. The best one I found is BOUML

The best thing: Its Free. It also exports whole model in nice colorful HTMLs and images.
I think we can leave this to application designers.
As an architect we should not worry about it.

Originally posted by chris hacker:
You don't have to. One for one is good enough. Remember your business model must support web clients and rich clients at same time.

So how will it be judged whether it supports or not? From Component diagram?
For part 2 sequence diagrams. Do we need to submit 2 seq diagrams per usecase? For one actor being Web Customer and hitting servlet of application and for other actor being Swing Client(ravel Agent) hitting EJB layer directly bypassing servlet.

How did you guys reconcile on one diagram, if you did?