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Recent posts by Bunty

Did you notice any exception thrown in the catch block.
try to print something in the catch block or print stack trace call
I am not sure about the solution , but it may help

Hi Ranchers,

I checked I7, its written CERTIFIED. I am really happy and
Would like to my give my deep heartiest thanks to the ranchers who have supported my preperation. And I admit that its not possible without the help of rancher and JavaRanch to entitled SCBCD 1.5

Good Luck to all.

Jatin Patel
Hi Ranchers,

Very sad to here about the bad experience with Prometric Centre, But I would like to add one more complain ticket to this. When I was first appeared for SCJP at Prometric Center Indore (India). There was light cutt off in the city at 9 am , and I had make my mind for giving the exam, but the condition were pathetic at that centre there were no back up / electric generator for giving the exam. I have to reschedule my exam on the evening.

During my SCBCD 5.0 Beta exam at Prometric centre (Pune, India). The test was schedule at 9.00 am but till 9:30 no on was in the office. I have to wait. I had skip my tea and break fast to meet the time schdule, and I found only the door keeper at centre.

Prometric Centre needs to improve the dicipline and standard before entitling as internation testing centre.

Hope this thread can bring some disipline to the Prometric Centre

Hi MZ,

Your work is great, its really helps in synchronizing the SCBCD 5.0 preperation.

Thanks a lot.
for registeration i had done a mail

to Indian.Registrations@thomson.com
with my prometric ID and got a confirmation today

People facing problem can try out this for registeration

Best luck

Not sure about this but intutively I can say, :roll:
If we declared business method in Home Interface of session Bean. Then bean provider need to define those method in Session Bean.In that case the specification needs to mandate the bean provider to implemenation business method in such a way that it should maintain the client specific details.(Line in the case of Stateful Session Bean client specific details are managed by container). And the client specific details are attached to the session bean but not the Session Home.

So ultimately you have to define the business method in Component interface(which extends EJBObject)

Hope it helps.....

Does any body know why all the EJB are Serializable. As the actual enterprise doen't need be RMI-IIOP compliant.
As long as I know it may be required during passivation and activation
But EJB specification doesn't mandate to use serialization as the only mechanism for pass/activation. Is there any other reason to for following

public interface EnterpriseBean extends Serializable

Would be grateful , if any body can throw some light

Thanks in advance

From HFEJB I have read that Handle (from Handle getHandle() of EJBObject) method can be used to retrive the stub of the same EJBObject(may be different instance)when it is deserialsed after some time. But let us take a scenario. We can take a scenario like today we used a Shooping cart EJBOjbect( for a stateful session bean) to add a stuff to cart. Then due to some reason client serialise it. and after a quite considerable time(less than sessiom timeout and in different JVM instatnce) Client again deserialize the Handle to get the EJBObject( with the same security information as previous).

So my question is that if we are using a different JVM. So how a Handle instance come to know that the client want the reference to same EJBObject as previous. does the Handle object store some information regarding that and if yes what exactly is store in the Handle object

Please help me understanding that, unable to figure it out

Thanks in advance
Hi Rajneesh

Cogratulation , It is really a great score.

17 years ago