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Recent posts by Leonardo Pinho

Mohammed Amine Tazi wrote:I passed too. I think they put the word "passed" for everybody

Actually the passing score was too low (42%)... IMHO

I passed w/ 72%
I passed with 72%.

I've never seen a score so low (42%) from Sun, even for a beta exam!

Ionut Bucurescu wrote:I've asked Sun the same question and they told me that the retake voucher is valid only for step3...

Are you sure? Because if you check the page at you will see that retake policy is only for SCEA step/part 1...
I passed too on the first attempt.

Hi All,
I passed SCEA5 with 78%.

13 years ago

Ravi Shankar Mukkavilli wrote:The Objectives for SCDJWS 1.5 (CX-310-230) are published!!!
Can see here !

They just forgot to update the title and product description as it is still referring to J2EE 1.4...

"The Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services certification exam is for developers who have been creating web services applications using Java technology components such as those supported by the Java Web Services Developer Pack and the Java 2, Enterprise Edition 1.4 platform..."
Finally! I got my results from prometric website:

15-Nov-2008 12:15 PM Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services TRIOS TRAINING CENTRES LMTD Sun Microsystems 311-230 Passed

Actually it seems they just "copy & paste" the test content from the old exam (JAX-RPC)... and now they've added the notes: "Detailed information and modules to be posted soon."

So, probably the passing score is also from the old exam... let's wait...
The passing score was already defined:

Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 5 (CX-310-230)
Exam type: Multiple choice, drag and drop
Number of questions: 69
Pass score: 68% (47 items of 69 questions)
Time limit: 150 minutes

But no results until now...
We got the beta results for netbeans exam after 6 weeks, so maybe we will have some news soon as we completed 6 weeks yesterday (January, 21).
8 weeks will be completed by February, 4th.
I haven't received any email from Sun, however now I can see the certified status for SCSNI at

Signature updated!
Sun Certified Specialist for NetBeans IDE (CX-310-045)

- Number of questions: 61
- Pass score: 59% (36 of 61 questions)
- Time limit: 75 minutes