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Recent posts by Shiaber Shaam

Mine is a web application. I have created a Jar containing some custom code and a few 3rd party jars. I have copied the custom jar to WEB-INF/lib folder. The 3rd party jars inside my jar are not visible to the application during deployment/runtime? I have no idea how to make them visible. Please help.

9 years ago
I remember using a ContextLoaderListener when i had to implement Spring Security. May i know why do we need ContextloaderListener?
10 years ago
Using html:form on Struts 1, how do i force it to use a custom extension for the action?
10 years ago
I am confusing between Spring DI and Autowiring. Could anyone please clarify these two terms and their types as of current version?
10 years ago
How session tracking be done using JQuery? In front end, before the AJAX Jquery gets fired, would like to know if there is any valid session. Please help.
When a class gets loaded? What happens when the constructor is called? When is static block gets called? What is an instance initializer block?
Consider i have 2 methods in a class, 1 is synchronized and other is not. If Thread A acquires lock on an instance and executing the synchronized method, can Thread B execute the non synchronized method on the same instance?
Thanks, But, what about HBM files? when do we choose to use it?
Is it a matter of convenience to choose between Annotations or HBM or XML. Please clarify when to choose what? Appreciate your time.
If i have JPA code inside an EJB jar, will that be deployed as a bean? As i understand, JPAs work in J2SE environments too? Other than EJB, is there any JPA implementation from Sun?

PS: Am confused between EJB3/JPA/Hibernate. Please clarify.
Say for a class, i want to have not more than 5 live instances, how can i implement using java? Please advise.
In java, how can I control the number of instances that exist at a point in time? Please clarify.
Is there any resource or sample implementation available for Spring AOP LTW on OSGI/Apache Felix?
10 years ago
I have some 10 OSGI Bundles and a spring web mvc deployed. I have implemented Spring AOP/LTW. Currently the methods in spring web mvc war are getting weaved/advised propery. Though, the signature of the methods in the bundles match with the config i did, those methods are not getting weaved. Pl advise.
10 years ago
When trying to configure a non-jndi jdbc parameters in persistence.xml in jboss 5.1, i am getting

java.lang.RuntimeException: Specification violation [EJB3 JPA] - You have not defined a jta-data-source for a JTA enabled persistence context named

How it should be done?

No JNDI dataource.
10 years ago