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Recent posts by surya_java

can some one explain me what does these mean. thanks in advance.......
21 years ago
hey matt!
every thing iss fine with ur code. but dont u think the object class should implement serializable interface ?.
surya .
21 years ago
thanks bryan!!!
I am actually testing to trace a file for loading the values according to a particular heading. i mean the file which i mentioned in my code has dimensions , spacing, angular directions , which r to be taken into 3 different variables and r to be plotted on a grid. i was just experimenting to trace the file so that i can do as i said before. is there any other efficient method for loading into 3 different variables ?. can i any way use string tokenizer?. pls reply me . thanks a lot in advance.
21 years ago

Originally posted by Lydia Su:
I have this program that my lecturer gave me and it has errors during compiling....this is driving me insane....can anyone help me out by just telling me what class it is that reads anything classified as double? better yet, here's the code so please correct me... and has anyone heard of a keyboard class??? thanks so much beforehand!
//Calculate fixed discount rate of 20%
public class Discount
public static void main (String args[])
System.out.println ("Please input the cost: ");
double cost = keyboard.readDouble;
double discountrate = 0.2;
double charge = (cost * (1-discountrate));

System.out.println ("Total value is " + charge);

hey lyda su,
I checked the java docs at sun website, there is no class of keyboard kind. u too can verify at i think the whole problem is that generated class. should use the import statement to include that class keyboard.
21 years ago
helo guys i posted a code . pls check it out and replty it. the code is in the following message
21 years ago
hey guys i am workin on this code for 2 days but i was not able to succed due to lak of my experience. so pls help me out.
the code is
import*; //a generated package purpose is explained below.

public class bufferedInput{
public bufferedInput(){
int count;
BufferedInputString in = new BufferedInputString(new FileInputStream("/home/surya/data/WAMMAP2009120900.vtk"));
System.out.println("before while");
boolean EOF = false;
System.out.println("just before while");
// System.out.println("workin");
char c;

catch(FileNotFoundException e){
} catch(IOException e){
public static void main(String args[]){
new bufferedInput();
when i run this code it is givin me
before while
just before while
the explanation of BufferedInputString class in is explained as follows :-
Description: *
* This class is intended to speed up file *
* access time. This class works by reading *
* the file or part of the file into a byte *
* array and converted into a String. Then *
* the information (int, long, float, double, *
* and String) is retrieved from the String *
* through tokens. *
* The concept is that it is faster and more *
* effeicent to have one file access and then *
* process a byte array. Accessing the file *
* time and time again can be costly. *
* *
* This class is constructed just like *
* DataInputStream. **********************************
surya (:confused

21 years ago