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dale conn

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Recent posts by dale conn

now solved
11 years ago
hi there i'm trying to iterate through a for loop but getting a bit stuck

MyArray[] myarray = getArray(a, b, c, d)

Returns an array. when i look at the array in my java debug, i can see the id and and name. how do i iterate
throught the loop setting the id and name values to variable?

When i look at myarray in a debugger i have this

myarray = MyArray[3]
expand the first one
id = "123"
name="some name"

for (int i=0; i < myarray .length; i++) {
System.out.println("length: " + myarray [i]); // i know there's data
String id = /// how do i get the id ?
String name // how do i get the name?

thanks for any help
11 years ago
hi all

can anyone tell me what this means?

<%=(search != null ? search : "")%>

I know != is not equal to nothing, but what does the ? and the : mean

Many thanks
11 years ago
i can compile using jdk 1.4 and it's fine

but i'm trying tp upgrade to 1.5 and it fails

i don't have j2ee installed - why would i have to download it to get it to work?
12 years ago
Hi all,

I'm trying to compile some code and i get the following error:
cannot access javax.ejb.EJBException

file javax\ejb\EJBException.class not found

that's it

Can anyone tell me what I can do / look at to fix it?

thanks for any help
12 years ago
thanks for the info
12 years ago
hi all

can anyone tell me what the latest version of the above jar is or where i find this information?

am i correct in thinking jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar is a jar within ant?

thansk for any help
12 years ago
hi there,

i've been told it may be easier to remove ejb-jar.xml from a project and start using java annotations.

is anyone able to explain what java annotations is please

thanks for any help
12 years ago
Can someone tell me what j2ee is and what jdk is please?

thanks for any help
12 years ago
I haven;t done any java programming for a while now and i've forgotton a lot of stuff. I've never really understood when to use public, private, final, static etc... Can someone please explain to me in basic terms when i should use these and why

Thanks for any help

public final
public static final
public static
private static
public synchronized

Any othere I should know about? I've tried googling but can't find anything that explains why i shoud/should not use the above in detail
12 years ago
Got this working now

13 years ago
Hi all

I have a drop-down list which is populated dynamically from a database table

I'm trying to populate a textarea when a selection is made from a drop-down box on the same page

Is anyone able to show mw how to do this?

My code for the drop-down box

What i then want to do is take the 'id' value (from the selection made from the drop-down box) and pass this to another sql query e.g. select * from table1 where id = <%=id%>, so i can get the contents and populate the textarea which is on the same page as the drop-down box

any help much appreciated
13 years ago
no worries sorted it
13 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

Are you able to give me an example? I'm not too sure what you mean

Many thnaks
13 years ago
hi all i'm looping through a sql recordset and writing out on the page. each row has a send button. when i click the send button it goes to another jsp page where i'm prining out the vlaues i'm passing through from the first jsp page using request.getParameter("value1"), request.getParameter("value2")

However the values being passed are always the top row values regardless of the row i'm choosing

i get something like this

12345 321 send button
98765 654 eend button

When i click the send button, the values are always 12345 and 321, even if i press the 2nd button

can anyone help me out so whatever button i press i get the correct values passing through

many thanks
13 years ago