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Recent posts by Deepak Kanwar

You can inject EJBs or any resource into servlets - you can inject EJB 3 stateless and stateful session beans, EJB 2.1 Home, DataSource, ORB, UserTransaction, javamail session, JMS ConnectionFactory, JMS Queue, JMS Topic, etc. etc.

You can not inject resources into classes which are "not managed" by container like normal javabeans but servlets are container managed so you can.
Use iterative methodology and refine with each pass - I prefer class diagram first but you can take use cases and start with sequence diagram. There are many paths to same result - find what you feel comfortable

One suggestion - read the assignment - read again and then sleep over it. Read in morning again and then start working. For sure you don't want to miss any requirement - Satisfying all requirements 100% is the most important thing. Also Sun does not expect a very detailed design - but again that's a comfort level thing.

Good luck.
Congratulations! You passed the SCEA Part 1 Beta exam. Passing score is 57%, your score is 83%

Modest but will do considering there was no study material.
You can design your components using all the design patterns used in struts - you don't have to call it struts in your design - just action, controller, view helper etc.
If you have bandwidth give Beta a try too
Feels good. What's more i had SCDJWS on same day too - long 8 hours of testing. (+ 7 hours driving from Burlington,Vermont to Boston - in snow )

I think you answered your own question. Nested transaction are not allowed. In case Of BMT - you started it - you finish it.
In CMT container will take care
I found errors in few questions, typos etc. Some of the errors were obvious - other at least i thought were mistakes. I left comments

Did anyone found some errors in questions?

Overall the exam was interesting. I finished in 3.5 hours and spend 15-20 minutes reviewing marked questions. I was so tired that i just exited after that. Some transaction/persistence questions were tough.

Before that i gave SCDJWS in morning session which i passed easily . Again did someone have problems with drag-drop questions? Some of the questions have no text in drag-drop . I showed it to Prometric person and he noted it down. Some passing on border will have problems with that.

XML in a Nutshell, Third Edition

IBM developerwork site tutorials

Together these should be sufficient.
This exam is not a tough one to pass(in my opinion).
My classes had either all attributes or all methods based on entities or facades. Methods were listed based on sequence diagrams - but they were not 100% overlapping. I did not use any arguments in method in class diagram but did show some TO in sequence diagrams. I did stereotype my facades in class diagram based on what kind of session bean it will be. My guess is examiner is not looking for all possible methods but representative methods which will satisfy all the requirements.
I waited for around 5 weeks for result.

Hi everyone,

Today i got result for SCEA Part 2/3.

Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 39
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 41 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

Javaranch helped me a lot with many ideas. On the other hand it also caused me pain because whatever i did felt inadequate and i changed my design many times.
I had around 20 classes - did not changed BDM much. Again i feel i could have elaborated a bit more, so 39 seems well justified
Component diagram was divided in tiers - i made small silly mistake - no doubt caused me 3 marks there
Seq diagram was very eloborate (in UML 2.0 where-ever possible). Most of it time was spent there (i had all exception cases and some extra cases which i thought can occur). So i am happy i got 12 there.

Thanks everyone here.
Test 142 will be available worldwide on July 14, 2006:

* to all test candidates worldwide via test delivery vendors Prometric Thomson and Pearson VUE
* to IBM employees via Prime at a reduced rate, and IBMers can obtain more information via
* to faculty and students of institutions aligned to IBM's Academic Initiative for a 50% discount

To attain the certification credential, candidates must pass Test 142 which is designed to measure skills in the areas of:

1. Architecture18%
2. Information Modeling22%
3. XML Processing22%
4. Transformations29%
5. Testing and Tuning9%

The new certification is built to the latest standards, including:

* SAX2 and DOM2 (updated)
* XQuery (new)
* XSLT 2.0 (updated)
* ebXML (new)
* XML Security
* JAXB (new)

Test 142 is a 75 minute test and its test fee is set to the economy of a country. $125 USD in developed countries and $60 in emerging market countries. The test delivery vendor can verify the specific test fee within your country.
Passed IBM RUP exam (639).

Used Philippe Kruchten - Rational Unified Process, The: An Introduction, Third Edition

this is more than sufficient to pass exam.

Good luck

IBM RUP specialist