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Recent posts by Milesh Dcunha

Hi All,

I cannot use JDK 1.6.
I needed the Table sorting and filtering functionality in JTable in JDK 1.5.
So what I did was got the following files from JDK1.6 and made up my own library. The following is the list of the files:

I wrote my own renderers and created a custom table model by extending the AbstractTableModel.

The sorting and filtering is working fine.

Now I am developing some program in JDK1.5 and using the library created by me for the sorting of JTable. I have extended the DefaultTableModel of JDK1.5. Sorting is working fine.

I face issues when I do drag and drop. The table rows are getting properly exported to the destination table, but when I delete the rows from the source table improper rows are getting deleted.

I convert the rows that are being dragged to the proper index using the convertRowIndexToModel method of the JDK1.6 JTable. But even then I am getting the same results...

Any inputs as to why this is happening? Do I need to add some more java files from the JDK1.6 library.
[ February 21, 2007: Message edited by: Milesh Dcunha ]
14 years ago
Yes I can see the partial results.
But when the results are added the JTree flickers in the sense that I can see the repaint on the tree happening. Just like what happens when you don't have smooth animation in an applet...hope I am clear on what I mean by flickering.
14 years ago
Hi All,

I have a JScrollPane on Which I am adding a JTree. I add data to the JTree dynamically based on the node selected. The data comes from the database. I use the pipeline function of Oracle to get me the data. I show the leaf nodes when they are added to the JTree.

When I click on a node the tree is populated with the data, but there is obvious flicker. When I put a System.out.println() to print something in the populate function the JTree dosen't flicker.

Instead of running the populate function in the main thread, I tried calling function using the SwingUtilities.invokeLater(), but it won't show the data until the JTree has the complete data.

So I again called the function from the main thread. But the flicker is still there.

Maybe I have missed something...but I am not finding a solution.
14 years ago

@David, I did the way you do. That is, created a batch file. But still it gave me the same error on trying to run the JWS endpoint, "tools.jar" not found.
So i copied my tools.jar to commons/lib directory. Now, everything seems to be working fine. Thank You,

But, still I can't understand this. When we deploy jsp files they are first converted to a servlet file, essentially a .java source file and then compiled. So, while compiling it requires a compiler right? that means, it does require "tools.jar". So when I run other web-apps it didn't give any such errors. But, when I run my axis it gives me this error, "cannot find tools.jar"???
Am I missing something??? This question might be naive, but I am a little confused...

Again thank you all for all your help!
15 years ago
Yes, I can find the tools.jar file.
15 years ago
yes, I have the JDK 1.5 installed.
The following is my installation path

D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_03

My environment variable is set as follows:
JAVA_HOME = D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_03;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;
15 years ago
Hi all,

I have Tomcat 5 installed on machine running Windows XP.
I have downloaded the Axis binaries and put all the neccessary libraries in their rightfull places. The happyaxis.jsp page seems to be happy

And then when I put the following URL:
It says,

- <soapenv:Fault>
<faultstring>java.lang.RuntimeException: No compiler found in your classpath! (you may need to add 'tools.jar')</faultstring>

I googled and read that it is the problem with,
java.home variable pointing to the "jre1.5.0_03" folder instead of the "jdk1.5.0_03".
Here is the part of the result that I get when I run happyaxis.jsp:

java.home=D:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_03
java.specification.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
user.language=en mode, sharing

Okay, so if I've guessed right above then I know the problem. Then I would like to know how to change the value for "java.home".

And if I'm wrong then please help me with the solution.

Thanking you all.
15 years ago
AJAX, is Asynchronous Javascript and XML, it is a web technique for creating interactive web applications.
It uses the XMLHttpRequest Object exchange data asynchronously with the server.
XML is sometimes used as a format, but other formats such as preformatted HTML, plain text and JSON can be used...
JSON is language independent Data-interchange format just as XML is ....
Hi all,
What is the difference between page and pageContext object in JSP?
Answer: A. The abc initialization parameter cannot be set programmatically.
[ June 27, 2006: Message edited by: Milesh Dcunha ]
Which three are true about the HttpServletrequestWrapper Class?

A. the HttpServletRequestWrapper is an example of the Decorator pattern.

B. The HttpServletRequestWrapper can be used to extend the functionality of a servlet request.

C. A subclass of the HttpServletRequestWrapper CANNOT modify the behaviour of the getReader method.

D. An HttpServletRequestWrapper may be used only by a class implementing the javax.servlet.Filter interface.

E. An HttpServletRequestWrapper CANNOT be used on the request passed to the RequestDispatcher.include method. (this has to be FALSE)

F. An HttpServletRequestWrapper may modify the header of a request within an object implementing the javax.servlet.Filter interface.

Your answers will be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.