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Recent posts by Omkar Shetkar

I am in the process of learning micro services.

I see a steep curve of learning to better understand these concepts.

Currently working on a personal project targeted for larger audience.

Since it is targeted for larger audience, it needs to be scalable, responsive, and fault-tolerant.

As I understand, to scale an application we can have micro services for my application.

For this I started with

- designing and implementing spring boot app
- now since it is for larger audience, I need to use cloud services. So started exploring GCP.
- since it needs to be scalable and fault-tolerant, thought better to use container orchestration systems. So started exploring Docker and Kubernetes.
- since rolling changes to app should be dynamic and with less or no down-time, better to have CI system integrated. So started exploring Jenkins.

So far I could identify these many miliestones to cover before I can have my application in production.

But I think there could be many missing points here.

My question is:
- how do I plan to learn micro services in a limited time?
- what are the important topics to cover so that I am skilled enough to design, develop, and deploy an micro services based application?

Please clarify.

2 years ago
There could be a case that
your project depends on -> jar1

jar1 depends on jar2.

If you remove jar2 from build path (since your project directly doesn't use it) it will build successfully since jars are not compiled during build. But it may fail in run-time with NoClassDefFoundError.

3 years ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:

Omkar Shetkar wrote:Consider implementing Comparable interface for FacebookUser class. Compare friends list size in compareTo() method.

Zach's suggestion to use a Comparator is the better way to go, in my opinion. The semantics of Comparable are narrower and are better suited for comparing things based on more intrinsic attributes. A Comparator has much looser semantics and is better suited for more arbitrary criteria. @OP wants to order the users according to the number of friends they have. This fits better with my idea of what a Comparator would be for.

Totally agree. Comparator is the way to go when you need flexibility of property to use for ordering.
In this particular context, Comparator most suited.
3 years ago
Consider implementing Comparable interface for FacebookUser class. Compare friends list size in compareTo() method.
3 years ago
Thank you Salvin and Jeanne for your suggestions.

  Surely will consider these in this transition period.


4 years ago
Hi All,

  I have total of 11 years experience. In that, majority of time worked on Core Java for embedded devices with highest care to clean, optimal, and robust code.
For very less time worked on J2EE.

Now, when I want to switch job, majority of Java jobs require Java + Spring + Hibernate + REST + DB + etc .

I currently relatively have less experience  in last four of technologies.

Now I am in dilemma on how to steer my career forward.
I know that, we can do private project but any concrete suggestions to get expert level of knowledge in above technologies.

I am pretty much confident in learning and understanding of any technology or language.

During the course of my career I  have learnt any technology/language which project demanded. Eg., C, Android, JavaScript, C# etc.

Also, many ask about scalability, high availability, and secure system design methods.

Kindly guide me to steer my career to next level.


4 years ago
I have experienced mergers and acquisitions couple of times in my career. I completely agree with Stephan. Any big change most of the time starts with management. So watch out for it.
4 years ago
Thanks Paul and Jeanne  
4 years ago
Dear Java Family,

  After long delay and postponement, today passed OCA for Java SE 8 with 91%.

During preparation, I came to know subtle details of Java which we hardly realize during day to day work.
I took 2 months for preparation provided balancing it with regular office work.
Mainly referred OCA study guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff.
Took mock tests from Sybex site and Mala Gupta's OCA study guide.

Hoping to give OCP ASAP.

Thank you all.  
4 years ago
Hi All,

  Code ranch hosts some of the good and smart programmers.

In this information age, we are bombarded with huge amount of information.
I think filtering the information which is useful for us is the key.
I am curious to know what are the technical books/topics you are reading nowadays ?

What motivates you to read the same?

What is your approach in the reading the same i.e, is it plain reading or doing a pet project along with it?

4 years ago

  I am frequent and long time member of Code ranch.

  I usually start browsing of code ranch by visiting to "Recent Topics" section.
After recent overhaul of code ranch, I could see difference in "Recent Topics" view based on from where it is triggered.

Attached the image of two different views.

Is this expected feature or a bug ?


4 years ago
Very true!
One needs to take time to sharpen the edges of his axe.
4 years ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:Despite how most IDEs try to "help" by telling you that you forgot to close a Scanner, you really shouldn't be closing a Scanner that's tied to -- those warnings can be safely ignored or suppressed with an @SuppressWarnings("resource")

So, there's really no need to wrap that code in a try-finally block.

Completely agree. After some quick googling, I see that, is opened by JVM. Hence, it's the responsibility of JVM to close the same. Java program need not worry about closing resource.
4 years ago
There are few things you need to understand in Java to correct your code:

How to define and call a method?

You can refer to following tutorial:

How to user Scanner to read input from console ?


OSHETKAR-M-W22C:Introduction oshetkar$ java ScannerTest
name: Omkar
number: 25

Please go through the above tutorial and example carefully, and let us know your specific confusion/doubts.

4 years ago
Thanks Roel for clarifying on this query.