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Recent posts by Varun Nayudu

Hi All,
I am having some difficulty in understanding Composite design pattern.

1) Firstly, what is the  part-whole hierarchy ?
2) When would you use this design pattern ?

6 years ago
Thanks Chris,
Are there any forums or sites that can be help full to keep me updated .

I believe the thing that most of us fear is the uncertainty of the path we have chosen.
And also the unwillingness for learning new technologies and expecting to get paid.

I think we should introduce a new section in Java Ranch about New technology trends.

9 years ago
Hi All,
Require your advice with regards to my career .

I am a Java developer with 5.7 years of experience in various technology. Have worked on technology like JSP , SERVLET (in my first company).
Then as I progressed started working on JSF and EJB 2. And now in the present company I am working on EJB3, ADF and SOA.

I feel like I am 'Jack of all trades' with little experience in all but non that I can say that I have completely mastered.
And now I am at crossroads between learning ADF or SOA.

I feel SOA and web service's are the technology of the future were as ADF is a temporary technology which will get replaced by others(Webcenter etc).

I am desperate to learn some thing that will be fruitful in the future for my career growth.

Please advice
9 years ago
Hi All,
I am new to struts and was trying to validator framework example .
Here is the below code....

Project file structure : Please see attachment






10 years ago
Hi i have a question.

What is the difference between managed bean and backing bean?

I got the following answers googling but couldnt understand it

Ans1: Managed bean and backing bean are the same. Managed bean is about how the bean is initialised and created, where as backing bean is what role it plays a particular managed bean plays.
Managed bean are java bean that are registered in the faces-config.xml and there properties are binded to the UIcomponent values.
Backing bean are special type of managed beans whose properties are UIcomponent.

Are Backing beans not registered in the faces-config.xml ?

And the answer which i found if correct can anybody please explain?
12 years ago
Thanks guys, but my question is simple, WHY

Even i know creating different methods name is dum . But there might be something more to overloading than just to keep the method name's similar so that we dont have to remember methods.

I m sorry for this. But the anwser's posted are all bookesh . I could find this by just googling. I want to know the main reason why we use overloading other than just to keep the method names same for similar operation .

For example
As stated in the prevous post if you have a operation for adding 2 numbers you create a method 'sum(int a, int b)' now you want to add 3 numbers i could have created another method named 'sumthree(int a,int b, int c)' instead of overloading it. Even in overlading you would have to write the code within the method.

So my question still persists
12 years ago
I want to ask this simple question

1>What is the need for overloading method?
2> Why cant we create a different method instead of overloading the method?
12 years ago
Hi guys

This would real dum but i have still not been able to resolve this issue. I m using Eclipse 3.3, jdk 5, and jsf 1.2.

I know in my last post i had said that i had resolved the issue but now its again cripped in . The shocking thing is even after putting in the el-api.jar i still get the same error.

Error 1: On the page i get the following error

Error 2 : In the tomcat log i get the following error

Application directory structure is send with attachment...
12 years ago
Guys ,

I was able to resolve this issue I just had to add the el-api.jar in the lib folder .
12 years ago
I have just starting using JSF. I made a simple web application using Apache tomcat. I made a index.jsp as the welcome page and configured it in the web.xml.
It works fine till here . Then since i wanted to introduce JSF in the web application i added jsf-api.jar in the lib folder of the web application . Till here it worked fine , but as soon as i introduced jsf-impl.jar in the lib folder it gave a '404 Error' .

I would appreciate if any one can tell me why by just introducing jsf-impl.jar in the lib folder would i get this error.
12 years ago

Souvik Dasgupta wrote:

The DTD definition should go inside quote and also xml encoding is in CAPITAL letters.This should solve the problem.

After changing the code in the cfg.xml file I am still getting the same exception.
My new hibernate.cfg.xml

Error Code
Hi guys,

I m trying to run my first web application using Hibernate/Tomcat/Oracle10g

My web application structure is quite simple
index.jsp -> servlet -> insert data into the database(Oracle10g)

The webApp struture is showed in the attachment

I have my hibernate.cfg.xml ,hibernate.hbm.xml, HibernateUtil, hibenrateListener in my WEB-INF -> classes





Through the net i also came across a java class file to insert data into the EMPLOYEE table

the code compiles fine but gives an error

Please tell me what is the problem .
I am a 29 year old java developer with 2 years of experience and a gap of 1 year in between, I am presently working for a KPO , i am in support and my work basically comprise of building and designing new reports as per client request. I was unemployed for 1 year before i joined this company. I joined this company on Feb 2010, they don't offer me much (12,000 per month).

In this company I have been put in different projects in various softwares for the starting two months i worked in JSF then for 4 months in VB macros (Excel), then FLEX for 2 months and now again JSF. And i accepted to do this because i thought i would loose my job and be again unemployed . But now I am fed up of this and my confidence is also low as I have learned bits and peaces of every thing but not completely.

The reason i am posting this is that i want to know which field is good for me. Java developer as i have come to know about have no value as there are lots of java developers in the market.

Some of my friends tell me that Java Security has good scope , but I want to know from you guys.

Please if you could guide me and also provide me some insite into the market conditions and which software are in demand. I also want to know are there any websites which could keep me updated on the software market conditions so that i could guide my self. I basically want to know which frameworks or languages are in demand

my basic career objective is to go abroad(At present i am in India).
I ll turn 30 next year.....


13 years ago

And thanks for the advice on how to prepare for this exam will use it.