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Recent posts by Victor-OE Cardona

I was informed that i got SCEA5.

I am very grateful with javaranchers, the forums and your help has been great.

Victor Cardona

No,Sun will not send you a mail confirmation about the uploaded file but if you have a question you can ask them by mail.

In my case i had 2 hours to answer the part III exam.

The exam questions are about your assignment, you have to support and explain your architecturel decisions.

Good Luck Paren
I think the 'indicative cost' comes from the Inventory System and it is based on the house design.
Hi guys.

I have a little question about the jar file to upload.

The jar file must contain a folder with the name scea-XXXXXXXXX or the jar file should contain just the html files?

I appreciate your help.
just reflect in the class diagram

No, you don't have to add new use cases and you can't modify the existing ones.


is in sequence diagram ok to depict the self message of an object as private methods or do i have to avoid the private methods in the classes so that not to depict self messages in object interaction?

i think the cost should be related to the design not to the house.

what i understand about it is that the system validates the combination of components of the customer's design, then the system adds to the design the necessary features (plumbing, heating, etc) then the system gives to the customer a cost based on the customer's design and features required to the house.


I think the Inventory System should validate the combinations of components of the design in order to complete it.

Hi Cyrill

I think the evaluators expect a class diagram with servlets, services, integration, domain model classes and their relationships.


you do the request of "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE 5, Part 2" to Sun not to Prometric.