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Recent posts by Nitin Nigam

I was waiting for this movie. Seeing this movie in 3D would have been amazing. I hope they give 2nd part in 3D.
Movie was good. Since I have read the book, I had no difficulty keeping pace with the new characters and rapidly unfolding events.
There is a scene where Voldermort tortures and kills the hogwarts teacher of muggle studies at dinner table. Then he calls Nagini and tells her to have "Dinner" was brilliant. It set the dark tone for the movie.

Another scene was whe we see 7 Harry potters. It was well picturised. Some light scenes like when George catches Harry and Ginni kissing was lovely. The way George reacts at this was hillarious.

In the end I was thinking if I could get to see the second part right away. But they did well to split the movie, else so many beautiful moments would have been lost.

13 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:Did you back up the internet to a floppy first? If not, you may want to consider it for next time, just in case anything goes wrong.

Floppies get corrupted. I would suggest taking printout of it as well, to serve as a backup.
And make sure you do a 2-side printing so that the whole process is as green as possible.
13 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote:

Ravi Kiran Pattu wrote:
Please suggest me what will be good to write ??

How about "I will pay $10 to everybody who answers my question?"

How about "Microsoft will pay $10 to each who answers this question. They also pay $8 for each subsequent reply"
13 years ago
A. Because no company from Electrical Engg field wanted me.
B. IT promised easy life style, good money with minimum hardwork/effort. At least thats how it appeared from out side. Now i am used to of whatever it has offered.
14 years ago
Its an amazing video. Cant beleive the creativity and imagination of this lad.
14 years ago

Muse Ran wrote:Whatever happened, it happened well.

What did you create, for it to be wasted or destroyed?


I designed and coded a module in my previous project, but the person maintaining that module destroyed it.
14 years ago

Sona Patel wrote:i have already informed all my friends in the city.


P.S. cant find any in the office as we are very few working in this office...

If this is how you are asking for help, then i am afraid you can get any. You havnt even mentioned which city and which country you are in. No offence.
14 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:
How much do you believe in Karma?

... Last year, I had some (pretty bad) medical issues. My mother-in-law made me soup. A *lot* of soup. The chinese get-well healthy chi kind of soup. And my wife is *not* allowed to have any.

Anyway, most of it went to the fridge. Some went to the freezer, because it won't fit. Every night, for dinner, I heated some soup, move some from the freezer to the fridge, and had soup. This took many weeks.

This week, I noticed that there was a couple soup still left in the freezer. Over a year old !! Am I throwing it out? No... It is getting defrosted, and I am drinking it.

If you were me, would you drink it? Would you take a chance with Karma? ...


How log this this get well soup was supposed to take to heal your upset stomach? I feel, the moment your stomach returned back to normal, you can do away with the soup, as it has solved its purpose. And Karma and all will be out of soup(scope). And if you still drink it (and get ill, hence pay fat check to doctor) your doctor will thank himself for his own good 'Karma'.

14 years ago
If you think you can.... you can. Thats not the end of the story, you still need to do it.
14 years ago
Mannnn !!! I have been noticing a lot of meaningful posts these days. Guys this forum is for meaningless topics .
14 years ago
[quote=Sumit Patil
This bike is recently launched in India, so did not knew about it earlier.....
It's 1670CC bike with a top speed of 310 km/hr.....too much for Indian roads...and price tag of 20 lacs INR.

20 lacs = 2 million Indian rupees = appproximatly USD40000
14 years ago
Some people are fond of the sound bikes make.


May be this video can help you decide.
14 years ago

avi sinha wrote:

Collin Dugas wrote:My dream of home entertainment would be to have a few beautiful ladies in my home entertaining me

i think we are talking about gadgets... so i think we should stick to that only!!

avi sinha

In case anybody is confused between gals and gadgest, please refer:
14 years ago
To me "In my humble opinion" appears sarcastic.
'I think' appears more straight forward.
14 years ago
Hi Arvind

You parents might not agree with your decision because they are not sure if you can pull it off.
This may be because you never did some this very responsible in your life till date. But you have to start at some point of your life. My advise is, start taking responsibilities at your home, let them feel that you are getting mature and can handle your stuff as well as other's stuff (thats what is required in hoteling industry). Once they are confident of your abilities they will not have any objection on your carees decisions.

Another good excercise would be, you give us few reasons why your idea of switching to hotel business is worth considering. Try to convince us (You can be sure that we are not going to yell at you).You might have done some study of the market and thought of the source of finance. If you can support your decision in this forum you will get the confidence to take this matter forward with your parents.

All the best.

P.S. I am not asking you to reveal your business secrets. Keep them to yourself.
14 years ago