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Recent posts by amita nagotra

WOW i am enjoying this discussion.

Here i have another question...

how much importance is given to project documentation , and processes in agile?
For a 2 week iteration, it is not feasible to go by doing requirement traceability matrix, or updating risk and issue logs, or update the design, as agile deals with continuous change of requirements.
It may be possible for one time, but with time constraints is it feasible to go by having all these in place with frequent changes.
Even for the shortest of the story in agile, hell lotta documentation would be required? isn't it?

Thank you all for such elaborate discussion on the topic.

Is it possible to move a project (may be not legendary) following a waterfall principle to agile half way through its life time?

Another question ..
In agile is there a suggested span for an iteration or is it project specific ?
I worked in two projects with agile methodology , one had rigorous deliverables set for a every EOD, and the other had a release every fortnight.
Does the book cover the significant and smallest differences between agile and water fall..?
Is agile just a smaller dimension of the waterfall model , with fewer changes like it would be between two versions of a same product...?
guys...two is team and three is crowd..can i still be a part of this team.
can reach me at