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Recent posts by SampathKumar chinnadurai

Hi Roger,

yes ,we can achieve with SSO. but we are trying for other options . Because all the wars deployed in the same server and using the same LDAP.

7 years ago
Hi All,

We are designing security for a web application using spring security . There are 3 separate wars(3 Apps)using separate login, deployed in a JBOSS Server.
The requirement is , If the user is authenticated in one app then he should be able to access other applications without login . Is it possible to share the security context between the web application( different wars not in a single EAR ).
We discussed about the SSO , but we are trying to achieve this with spring security and with support of the App server . Is there any way ? Please provide your valuable suggestions and inputs.
If you need more information, please let me know.

7 years ago

I have cleared the exam with 73%. I'm really happy

Thanks Amritendu De. I gone through the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java™ EE Study Guide book and it gives clear idea about the tiers.

i have gone through most of the questions given in your book . Seems your books covers only OCMJEA5 objectives and not suitable for OCMJEA6 . why the book contains only limited questions except design patterns(it contains 120 qns) section .


one more Question ,

Which layer of a Java JEE application constitutes enterprise beans?

A. Virtual Platform layer,
B. Application infrastructure layer
C. Enterprise services layer
d. Compute and storage layer

And the answer is A.

Is there any layer like Virtual Platform layer. I have't heard about it . Any thoughts ?

Hi All ,

Recently i bought the Amritendu De's book. I have gone through one of the question and i'm not convinced with the given answer.

The question is

A concrete class Certificate changes frequently . If You wish to inherit Certificate , which design principle will be violated ?

A. Interface segregation principle
B. Dependency inversion principle
C. Open closed principle

Correct Answer is B,

Could you please explain , why he has selected the option B.


9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hi ,

Finally, got the mail that I passed.
Many thanks for java ranchers for great help through out this architect certification journey, especially this forum was really helpful for the assignment.

Details :

1.Assignment = Big Smokes Cigar
2. Assignment Upload : 27-Aug-11
3. Essay Exam : 28-Aug-11
4. Score Report in PearsonVue : 30-Nov-11
5. Certification View Website : 02-Dec-11

9 years ago
when did you complete the Essay exam ?. Did you complete the essay& assignment through Pearson Vue ?
I took my essay on the 28th of August (Big smokes assignment) and I still haven't received the email yet.
Thanks Ivan .

We got this issue in the Production .The problem is here, we are able to simulate only in the SVT ( Stress Volume Testing ) Environment not in the development environment.
For the first (single) request its working fine for the bulk request from the portal, its not working . is there any issue with the stub .

we have analyzed the code everything looks ok .

After restarting the server ,if the portal sends bulk request to that Webservice1. The WS1 is not able to process the WS2 response . This is strange .

is there any threading issue ?.

Furthermore, this problem occurs randomly. If I restart the application server, in most cases I won't have the problem anymore.

Hi All ,

We are getting the following exception in the Production server. There are 2 web services, first webservice internally calls the the second WS.

when we are processing the second webservice response at the first webservice side, we are getting the SAX Exception at the first web service side .

The first webservice has been used in a registration portal and it internally calls the second Webservice . The architecture of the project is as follows

Portal ---> WebService 1 ----> WebService2

The strange thing is, After restarting the server ,

if the portal sends a single request , The webservice1 internally calls WS2 and process the response with out any issue .

if the portal sends bulk request to that Webservice1, then the WS1 internally calls WS2 while processing the response , we are getting this SAXException at the first WS1 side and all the subsequent requests also getting failed while processing the response at the WS1.

we are using Sun application server with axis 1.4.

Any help will be greatly appreciated