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I gave a few whizlabs practice exams for SCBCD 1.3.It contained a drag and drop question which stated :

Match the roles below with the deployment descriptor elements they are responsible for :

1.Bean Provider
2.Application Assembler

The application assembler had 3 boxes in front of it.

The answers had these options:
a) <role-link>
b) <assembly-descriptor>
c) <conntiner-transaction>
d) <cmp-field>

I dragged the options a,b,c in those 3 different boxes.

But the result stated my answers are incorrect. As the order(i.e the sequence) in which these 3 elements where specified in those boxes were different from the one I had mentioned.

Do we need to specify the answers in a particular order in the real exam? If "YES" than which order?

Whizlabs had many questions of this type in which they required a particular order.

Also for the questions in which we have to specify the method name does the real exam mention the format of specifying the method name like specify the method name without brackets or parameters etc. If not how should we specify the method name.

Please help.
Thanks a lot !!! It Worked Hurray!!!
I would like to repeat the formulae to run AdviceCient :-

TO Run use :-
"C:\Dewang\j2EEStuff\projects\advice>java -cp C:\j2sdkee1.3.1\lib\j2ee.jar;C:\Dewang\j2EEStuff\projects\advice\AdviceAppClient.jar;. AdviceClient"

To Compile use :-
"C:\Dewang\j2EEStuff\projects\advice>javac -classpath C:\j2sdkee1.3.1\lib\j2ee.jar;C:\Dewang\j2EEStuff\projects\advice\AdviceAppClient.jar;."

I know it's not necessary to include j2ee.jar explicitly if you have it in your environment varibale. I have it set in my environment but then too i had to explicitly add it .
Please can anybody tell me what i need to have in my classpath.
I have deplyed it successfully. I have compiled it successfully. I am using an XP m/c. but when i do :-

java -cp C:\Dewang\j2EEStuff\projects\advice\AdviceAppClient.jar AdviceClient

I am getting "no classdef found error".

First i was also getting corba exceptions on java command, then i added rt.jar to my classpath. now i am geting the above error.

1)You need to have this book :-
Head First EJB by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates.

2)You can also refer the specs from :-

Please read the EJB 2.0 specs.

3)You can also buy the whizlab exam simulator.

4)You can also refer Mastering EJB second edition by ED Roman.

Mind you the first point is compulsion for passing. All the best.
Thanks!!! Now it's working fine without jdk1.5 !
Thanks all for giving me the downlaod link, but now i have a new problem. The SDK is installed on my PC in "C:\j2sdkee1.3.1" directory. I have set the JAVA_HOME,J2EE_HOME AND set the PATH variable also properly. But still my j2ee -verbose is not working. I have jdk 1.5 is that a problem? I am using windows XP as my O/S. Please guide me. Do i need to set some kind of classpath? I am getting following error.
Hi Friends,
I have just started with the Head First EJB book. But i was not able to find the j2ee 1.3 download link on Please can anyone post the link which has RI(referece implementaion) for EJB 2.0. Thanks!
Exam is on which version of EJB , 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0?
Also what is the cost of the voucher? It was around $150. From when it has become $200.
I am really confused :-
1) The SCBCD exam 310-090 is on which version of EJB?
2) Which edition of Mastering EJB should we refer? I already have HFEJB.
3) Whizlab simulator is covering which version of EJB and which exam?
4) What will be the validity of this certificate?

Please help me.
How is this Kit Delivered. Is the setup emailed , or we will receive a CD?
Is Sun going to introduce a SCBCD exam new version which will cover EJB 3.0 ? As SCBCD 1.3 doesn't cover EJB 3.0. If yes by what time will it be launched?