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Recent posts by Atul Sawant

Everytime you send a request it is a new request for the server because HTTP communication is stateless. So, it does not matter if it is a same client or different client. Every request is treated as unique and different.

If you apply singleThreadModel, the instance of that servlet is giving to only one thread (request) at a time. it is NOT creating 100 instances for 100 requests. The instance will be only one, but it will be accessed by one thread (request) at a time.
Hi all!

I tried to search for JDBC book. Most of them sounds like they are going to be a big help.

In my project, we are using Oracle however we are only concerned with frontend and not the database stuffs in details however i would like to know if there is any handy book/notes/material available so that i would get a basic stuff about JDBC and get a hang of it.

Thanks for answering!
Thanks Marc! no wonder the author was me. :-)

I will try to be better this time. We are Reengineering the front end of the application. As whole, the process starts with Struts who takes care of the look and feel of the application where as the Spring takes care of the bussiness logic and connection to the database [Oracle].

I hope this makes sense. :-) The above scenario was about a particular module.

Could anyone please give more details on composite bean? Thanks!
[ August 03, 2007: Message edited by: Atul Sawant ]

Would you just try to explain them in layman's term please?

Thanks again.
[ August 13, 2007: Message edited by: Atul Sawant ]
16 years ago
Hello :-)

Could you someone please let me know about composite bean. I try to google but in vain. I am not sure if the answers i am finding are the one which actually are precise.


We are using Struts. Where the data is being saved to composite bean and then again converted to a specific actionform and attached to a request which is forwarded to another class [which is a facade i.e. spring] (yes, we are combining two frameworks...infact 3...3rd some if our own custom made.)

Kindly let me know if you are able to understand the flow. Thanks!
no alcohol for old cowboys?

Anyone want to suggest?

Beer always fine for me!
16 years ago
I am still on Vodka and Sprite!!

Yesterday, I tried B52 though. :-)

Whats your poison?
16 years ago
yes, TP is Time Pass. Geez...i guess its an indian jargon!
16 years ago
I have a Family class. Can I extend it with you?
16 years ago
What would be the possible pickup line(s) a software Engineer/developer/tester or computer programmer would use?
16 years ago
7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey - There is one chapter which really taught me how important is relationship and how you can build a strong one.

Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman - A very different way to look at your emotions and understand them.

I am not a novel freak.
16 years ago
Who does not know about this?

I can't recollect a single day where i did not see people around back bitching and cribing about something. Someone bitching about the boss, cribbing about the job, bitching about some guy or girl...blah blah blah.

Is this what we choose to do as an interest? Isn't there an alternative?

I think i am cribbing here. huh?
16 years ago
I dont know where else to go!
16 years ago
There is an opening in my company (IFLEX, Mumbai), Please forward your resume to my email id.
16 years ago
Please go and check API of cookie in javax.servlet.http package

the class Cookie has some important methods...



considering the example given above..

when you say ${cookie.username.value} it means


Please read standards of how Bean class should be coded and how exactly they are read.