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Recent posts by Rafael Rocha

basically 2 points about:

1. MESSAGE conformance target - Some requirements that had a MESSAGE conformance target in BP1.0 now use a new target, ENVELOPE. This facilitates alternate serialisations of the message, such as that described in the Attachments Profile.

2.SOAP Binding - Requirements relating to the SOAP binding's serialization of the message have been moved to the Simple SOAP Binding Profile to facilitate other serializations.

Moore at specification
IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer [2007] is very good, but i waiting new version of the SCDJWS certification(objectives much better the old version).

Originally posted by Theodore Casser:

This wasn't a beta. This was a survey for the proposed topics for the exam. You'll see an announcement for registration dates and examination dates when Sun actually has a beta for folks to take for a test-drive.

I'd figure that this likely means we'll see an exam announcement late this year or early next.

hum. yes. very good.
i waiting for next beta exam. thanks!!!
throughout exams, sun publish after 2 month. this exam beta finish more fast. i see day 19 about this topic.
Hi ranches.

Just passed with 78% this morning! I`m very happy!
Thank you for everyone that help-me in my doubts in a few days at the exam.

Thanks for Mikalai Zaikin for your wonderful notes. I will, in few days, post moore informations in my blog at respect the exam.
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Originally posted by Rafael Rocha:
hi. i have a doubt about when one MDB is not redelivered and redelivered with sucess? wich all cases possible?

yeah, the message will not be redeliverd because the MDB did not throw any exception.

edited: compelemt for read specification above:

As per section of EJB 3.0 Core specification:
A transaction must be started before the dequeuing of the JMS message and, hence, before the invocation of the message-driven bean�s onMessage method.

The resource manager associated with the arriving message is enlisted with the transaction as well as all the resource managers accessed by the onMessage method within the transaction.

If the onMessage method invokes other enterprise beans, the container passes the transaction context with the invocation. The transaction is committed when the onMessage method has completed.

If the onMessage method does not successfully complete or the transaction is rolled back, message redelivery semantics apply.
[ July 30, 2008: Message edited by: Rafael Rocha ]
hi. i have a doubt about when one MDB is not redelivered and redelivered with sucess? wich all cases possible?

Originally posted by Paul Anil:

Hi Aditya,
Yes, each category of tests is based on the same question bank. So if you take all the standard tests (each standard test is unique), and then if you take an easy test (or tough test etc.), the questions will be repeated.


yes, i'm purchase one license that enthuware at two weeks, and i have seen same case.

Originally posted by krishna bulusu:
I don't think you can call EJBContext.setRollbackOnly() in BMT.Please correct me if I am wrong.

yes. i`m forget that detail. CMT can call EJBContext.setRollbackOnly() and don't BMT.

exist one higher conversation for this topic that discuss same doubt. but i clarify this situation with information this topics below:

When to use UserTransaction's setRollbackOnly() and UserTransaction's rollback()
questions about setRollbackOnly() for BMT

thanks a lot! :^)
[ July 20, 2008: Message edited by: Rafael Rocha ]
congratulations. thanks for information about your planning study.
in question below:
Which of the following statements are correct regarding EJBContext.setRollbackOnly() method?

i have marked an alternative with argument below, that is false:
It can be used by stateful session beans with bean managed transactions.

response correct this question:
It cannot be used by JPA Entities.

ok. i accept correct question, but i don't understand my incorrect alternative. help-me?
if CMT with JTA is propagated for transaction extended persistence context(it's possible with statefull only), EJBException is throw.
other question, is that in question is not mentioned used session bean for local and remote, in this case, how i know exactly exception?

below this question
A bean method has just called entityManager.remove(student); where student is a valid entity. Assuming that the bean uses transaction scoped persistence manager and the call is made when no transaction is active, what will be the outcome?