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since Jul 09, 2006
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Recent posts by rajat mani

hey is microsoft eating up java and racing ahead in the competion?

1) sharepoint and biz talk is killing weblogic portal and other such techs
2) sql server 2005 is killing oracle and sybasse
3) reporting service and other BI tools are killing other competion,

I am thinking of moving to .net technologis from microsoft as of more job prospectus,

4)what is the thing in java that is on the top,and gets more money as consultant?
17 years ago
thanks for reading this post,

I want to create a webservice that will accept a csv file as parameter, process on it and return the result as a xml or a csv file,

Could anybody help me what is the best technology and approach to solve this,
I searached on net and saw, document based webservice is there and SOAP attachment is there,
i am prettu new to webservice, please help me in the apporach and or any links tutorials examples available on net,
17 years ago
i have user that use weblogic portal, they can log in and change the state of portlet,where does the mapping that the user A has this preferece of portlet layout in portal page, is stored in database?
17 years ago
hi all,

i am scjp and scwcd, and i wish to go to tutoring/mentoring assignments in my part time/sat/sun.

How do i begin such thing, i am a full time sr.soft engineer working in manhattan in top financial client and on pure java/j2ee development,

I have good teaching abilities,convincing abilities and communication.

How should i begin such kind of work,
Can anybody help me in doing this thing.
I would really appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks in advance
Regards Rajat Mani
17 years ago
i have to make a project in which i have to use documentum as a enterprise contenet management repository and weblogic 8.1 portal for portal view, i need to store the metadata and use it for personalization and customization with site caching services.

Does anyone has some good links or tutorial for how to do it,
i searched the net and there are many details like, eRoom portlets and SBO and other things which i am not able to choose a right approach.
any guidance or direction will be useful
thanks in advance
17 years ago
hey I am facing the same problem please post back the result if you find it,
also if you have some good step by step weblogic portal development tutorial or material and interview questions do give a link here.
17 years ago

Cameron W. McKenzie the post above my post has some good links tutorial and help on websphere thing.
i downloaded apache pluto and started working with it.

There are two things to do,
learn the API from portlet specification and second thing download the websphere software and experience the look and feel and the drag and drop things provided in it..

also download some old version free versoin ebook.
although id ont have any regarding websphere
17 years ago
hi all ,
i dont understand the concept of inner request and outer request in inter portlet communicatin.
can anybody tell me what is it.

I am not able to understand from online tutorials
17 years ago
notepad as a development tool thats great

can anybody tell me which one is better if allowed to decide first out of weblogic portal development and websphere portal development.

I want to install both of them and getting confused as from where should i download or which version to start with
i saw some latest versoins the recommended memory requirement is 2GB for weblogic portal development.

Also one query if i download weblogic portal do i need to install anything else??
can anybody tell me that also..
17 years ago
Slowly and gradually there is a shift towards portal based development has started.

I have two questions to ask to all and invite suggestions.

1)what do you think what will happen to portal development domain ? is it a long run horse?
I am offered a weblogic portal development project so i am interested in knowing what is the future of weblogic portal development? or portal development in general.

2)What technology among the j2ee domain do you think will be a long run horse

EJB 3.0
others? (AJAX)

you can add any other if you want.
let us guide each other to choose the technologies for future.
[ November 13, 2006: Message edited by: rajat mani ]
17 years ago
Thanks Cameron McKenzie they are pretty useful and have an innovated approach.
I saw your links but they are related to websphere

What software do i need to download to start working with portal development? and where can i find them?
17 years ago
what is the prerequisite for weblogic portal development jobs?
I mean i dont know anything and i want to start and take project!!
How much time do i need for it?
can i do it in 1 month?

I have 4 years of experience and i am scjp,scwcd and i know java,jsp,servlets,ejb and struts.

I saw some help on the forum main page but they are all tutorials i want to know what tools do i need to know in hand like servers or other things to start with it.
Please help me regarding this as i have very much short time to master it as i have to start a project in it as soon as possible.
any tutorial that guides with step by step information and a demo application will help a lot.
[ November 11, 2006: Message edited by: rajat mani ]
17 years ago
i can see scbcd 100% in your signature.
Are you kidding with this kind of questions or you want to test others?
I mean i am sure K&B both would not have got 100%.
this one is really nice.
althought quite an old one
i am putting a message so as others can benefit .
hi all,
thanks for the reply,
Valentin thanks for the help.

i would like to point out here certain things like
1) I have head first ejb book.
but its very conceptual.
i understand the rules...but want to see a reall complete EJB based application in which ..jsp and servlets interact with ejb and from which i can understand its use.

Please if you have such application cum tutorial online do tell me