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Sree Mami

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Recent posts by Sree Mami

Hi all

I am designing a web application in java using JSP's/Servlets, where I need to have some list elements to be set to editable. How can I make list boxes editable(Similar to the Address bar of our browser's)? What are the standards in designing web applications? How can I achieve that functionality.

Initially I thought of using text fields below List boxes but as my form is too long I don't want to use these text fields.

Please clarify me about using Editable List box..
14 years ago
Hi all,

Can anyone throw some light how to host a web application in the internet.

Do we have any website where I can host my web application for testing free of cost with MySQL as database?

Please send me as much information as possible regarding hosting web applications.
14 years ago

Do anyone know about JSRS implementation for jsp? I am using a demo example but my application is not at all executing nor throwing any error. I am using demo example given in:

I am not sure whether it is any compatability issue or anything else. If anyone knows please clarify
Hi all

Can any one help me out with this Connection pooling problem
14 years ago
Hi all

I have a problem configuring my Tomcat 5.0 server for using Connection Pooling. I surfed many sites and end up with no clue, why my Tomcat is not changing mywebapp's state to true?

To use DBCP I made these changes in server.xml,web.xml and context.xml hope this information would help you in resolving my problem..

server.xml file:

context.xml file in webapps/my_webapp/META-INF


[ September 22, 2006: Message edited by: Sree Mami ]
14 years ago
Yes, window works but it's opening multiple windows when I submit the form to itself. How can I avoid opening these new windows or do I have any chance of closing these windows before opening except my main popup window? Please suggest.
Please help me out in doing my above task. And also suggest,if there is any other efficient way to do this..
Yes Eric,

When I used I am getting multiple popup windows when I submit the form to itself,(I need to submit the form to itself 2-3 times) to extract values from database. So I used Again, the problem here is I need to transfer values from parent window to child(popup) window and vice-versa which I am unable to do using

Please suggest me the correct procedure to achieve this task..

My task in sum is:

Getting values from database in form fields, updating/inserting the values to database and again displaying the changed/new values in parent form.

Hope this explanation gives you clear picture of my task...
Hi all,

Can anyone help me out how I can display a hyperlink at a specific position dynamically using javascript.

Actually I have to display a hyperlink beside text box when I change text in the text box I need to change the hyperlink displaying there. I am doing this by using visibility option, by hiding the first hyperlink when I change text in text box, but I am unable to display the hyper in the same position where I use to have my first hyperlink.

As we have
style="position:absolute; clip:rect(top,right,bottom,left)" for form elements do we have anything like that which we can use in javascript to set this hyperlink?
Hi all,

First let me thank all for extending their help in solving my problems as and when I am in trouble.

Can anyone explain me what is the difference between opening popup windows using and

Actually I have to return values from the popup window to the parent window but when I submit these values I am unable to return them to the parent window when I open popup window using

Please help me out..

Thanks in advance.
Hi Eric

I looked at my javascript coding and removed all the function which I wrote except the one which will be called at Page Loading. In this function I am setting current date into a text field. When I am printing alert it's working properly but when I am setting this value into text field then I am getting problem of document.formname.textfield is null or not an object.

When I click on that TextField it will call NewCal function of datetimepicker tool and will open a popup window of calender. Which is working properly. But the only problem is with setting default current date in that text field which is bothering me a lot. When I tried this in another page it is working properly. Though I removed all function from my page it is still showing error on Page Load... document.formname.textfield is null or not an object..

One more thing what I noticed is when I removed entire JSP code from the page I am able to set the current date in the textfield through the function at page load, but still I am having problem with Radio Button's length property. I am getting error "length" is null or not an object.

Please help out me..
[ September 07, 2006: Message edited by: Sree Mami ]
Hi all

Can anyone guide me whenever I am opening a web page I am getting error: Null or not an object with some form elements, which worked fine previously.

I am stuck with this problem as my web page has become non-functional with these script errors.

Please help me out...

Hi Eric

The below function returns incrementedDate value in UTC format, if at all I want to change it to US format, how should I be doing that?

Actually I have to add number of days to a day and need to display the new date in US/UK Format, but when I am using this function I am getting the value in UTC format, how can I convert then?

Please help me out..
[ August 28, 2006: Message edited by: Sree Mami ]
Hi all

Can anyone provide me information about LDAP Server

I need an LDAP Server to be installed and configured....
and it should be connected with the browser(LDAP browser)

Can anyone tell me what are the Prerequisites to install LDAP Server and how to go about that!
14 years ago
Hi Eric

I am already using that code which you have given me and it is working fine. Just I want to know more information on, why it is in US format but not in UK format when comparing/working on dates dates!

I posted my last reply just to improve my knowledge in javascript and the link which you have given me solved all my troubles..

Thanks for all your timely help...