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Recent posts by Sophie Angela


product is a session attribute ..which holds a info object.Info object has a name property.
which of the following will print the name in the response..?

1.<jsp:getProperty id="product" type="info" />

2<jsp:useBean id="product class="info" >
<%= product.getName() %>

choose any one of them..if i get a option like this in the exam which one will i have to choose?
<c:remove var="s">cool</c:remove>

s is a session scoped attribute..
will this tag remove the session scoped attribute s?
what is the correct form of a ditibutable element in DD?


any other options available?
is it true that all the implicit objects in a JSp is available for a Tag file?

is there any special case..?
Can we use a Tag file in the include directive and the include standard action?
hello john,,

what will be the output for the above program you have given?
I read somewhere that if we want to print from a doAfterBody() we have to used previousOut implicit variable!!!

please give me a explanation about this...
a servlet implementing SingleThreadModel..
For simultaneous requests, the container may create more than one instance of the servlet
I want to pass a sql query into a taghandler.My tag body has a SQL query.
what should be the <body-content> element for my tag in the TLD?

<s:mytag>select* from emp</s:mytag>
what does this mean?


explain in brief...

All requests that belong to a session are handled by one JVM at a time.

what does this mean?
Custom tags are for HTTP protocol only? true or false
explain in brief..
MVC pattern is used to seperate as model,view and controller.
then what else are the advantage of this pattern?

please answer the question...

MVC design pattern is very useful ...


Select 2 correct options.

when the presentation keeps changing depending on user feedback.

when the database vendor changes dues to pricing.
Data Acces Object pattern is used in this case.

when the data has to be presented to different kind of users.

when the data representation keeps changing due to defective data modelling.
Well, there is no pattern to help you overcome this!!!

when the EJBs have a lot of attributes.
Value Object is used in this case
what element should be added to our web.xml file so that our application supports distribution?
what is the difference between the setStatus() and sendError() methods?