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Recent posts by Yogesh Dhond

What is the basic difference between Element and Node in Java. I just cam across this while manipulating XML node.

Also is there any way where I can set value for particular node/element?
ie <Name></Name> should be changed to <Name>Bob</Name>
I am not able to do it. But I can very well set attribute within the node,
for example <Name value="Bob"/>
How do i set the taborder of the Jtextfields within the JFrame?
13 years ago
you can use
new BufferedImage(WIDTH,HEIGHT,BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);

and in particular if you want to use alpha channel(A) for the image
then you have to shift operator to shiftthe bits to get high order 8 bits which stands for the same.
13 years ago
Thank you very much!!
I got the required answer.
I have a query as below in mysql
select count(*) as MAXCOUNT from table1;

how do i use this MAXCOUNT variable in my java program?
Thanks for your answer
I am very clear about it now!!!
Thank you everybody for posting the reply here !!

14 years ago
Thanks for your reply!!!
but still not clear the differnce betwn
String s1= "Hello Everbody";
String s1 =new String();
14 years ago
I am not been able to understand the differnce between String and StrinBuffer.
I Know that, Strings are immutable,but still one can use concatenation operator and get the results?
Also wats the difference between creating a String with "new" and assigning some string?
14 years ago
Thanks for your suggestion...
currently we are now saving the image with different name so that, theres
no caching problem. Also using http instead of direct file resource.
I am not finding the proper topic to search in the link, you have provided.
14 years ago
I am using following imgURL =test.class.getResource(path);
if (imgURL != null)
return new ImageIcon(imgURL);
14 years ago
currently my applet is communicating with PHP/html . So i get data from
php file which passes me param names containing photoimage.jpg with its path.
After this, my applet is loaded which takes those param names and picks the
photoimage from stored location mentined in the path. This applet has save button inorder to save the image. Also there are html buttons like "Proceed" and "Edit Image".
If user wants to edit image for enhancements, he clicks on the "Edit Image" link which loads another applet in the same browser window which helps the user to perform photoimage enhancement task like changing color and giving effects. Here also within an applet theres is save button which saves the enhanced image. The new enhanced image is also saved as photoimage.jpg in the same location replacing old file.
So when user comes back to the first page, using html link, the first applet is loaded. But the image shown here is still the old unmodified photoimage.jpg and not the new. If i check the image which is saved on the server in the path, the new modified image is shown.
If i close the browser and then start the operation all over again, then this time the new image is loaded, which is quiet obvious.
Somehow i want the browser to load the new image wthout refreshing or closing it.
14 years ago
Ok !! something I am getting in this>>.
I have one more problem ... can i call another applet from first applet
and pass some of the variables of first applet to this called applet.
And does it mean that i m loading next applet within the same first applet?
14 years ago
I have a problem with my applet. My applet load the image in the applet using double buffering with name image.jpg (first page). This image is sotre on the server and picked by my applet. Then i give the user, facility to crop the image and add color to the image if he finds it neccessary. This is done by calling different applet. After this, user has to save the image, which is again saved with the same name on the server, i.e. image.jpg.
But when i again try to open the image loading page( first page), it displays me the old image only within the applet and not the new modified image. I guess, this is happening because browser has cached my previous first page applet. I can only see the modified image when i click on the refresh bustton on the browser.
Is there any solution for this, so that user shouldnt be doing refresh each time he modified the image?
14 years ago
I have following problem.
Theres is small shop which maintains the details of its customer who bought product p1 and p2. The total quantity of both the products is
added and the customer details are displayed in the sorted order displaying
customer who bought highest quantity on top.Also if the particular customer bought the quantity lower then some threshold, shop owner can take decison to remove it frm the current list.
Now for this i have written one class which takes customer details like
his name,address,p1 quantity,p2 quantity and then displays it.
The other class just maintains the list of all the customer and adds or deletes them from the list.But I am not sure how to code this class as I also want to display the customer in some order.
Can anybody help me in this regard?
14 years ago
I just would like to know, if there are some programming exrcises
available in java which would help to learn the concepts from beginer
level to advance.
And which exam one should answer?
SCJP 1.4 or SCJP 5.0?

(edited title so not so loud and made it clear it's a request)
[ July 21, 2006: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]