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Recent posts by gloxinia libidinous

Congratulations !! Keep it up

17 years ago
hi Ranchers,

I have cleared SCBCD with 91% score.

I faced some problems in EJB overview section.I think they directly picked up the sentences from spec..So I had never come across them before..

One important thing I like to share to all who are going to appear in exam..

In exam they are asking exhibit kind of when you press button and see the code or drag/drop in seperate window..

Once you give the answer for the question and later want to review them again simulator remove your existing answer first...So you need to give the answer try to do direct hit in such questions...

Thanks to you all for your kind support..

17 years ago
From the list of possible options select what a bean provider should do in each of following scenarios.Assume that they all take place within a business method of a session bean.

A. Throws an EJBException
B. Throw a RemoteException
c. Invoke setRollbackOnly
D. Allow the exception to propagate


1. U catch a checked exception in your ejbActivate method.The method is not
in a transaction.

2. A DivideByZero exc. occurs as your business logic is running.U don't
have a try/catch for this.

3. u throw a CreateException from your ejbCreate() method, and you realize
that u probably can't safely complete your transaction.

4. You catch a checked exception in a business method, and realize that
your bean is probably corrupt.


I'm sure about option D and if you are required to select only 1 option then D is the right one.

Hi All,

I'm going to appear for SCBCD exam in 2 weeks.

I came across one doubt while reading Head First EJB. In the book it is written like that

We can't get reference to current transaction (i.e. using getUserTransaction( )) from within the ejbCreate() and ejbRemove() method of BMT stateless session bean. (page 228)

While in spec. on page 90, I can see getUserTransaction method call is valid from the ejbCreate() and ejbRemove() methods.

Moreover, In spec they just mentioned about getUserTransaction() method only, not about other UserTransaction methods.

Can anyone help me out of this dilemma by specifying exactly which methods are valid from ejbCreate() and ejbRemove() methods?

Thanks in advance.