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Miles Fitzgerald

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Recent posts by Miles Fitzgerald

We are facing issues with missing icons in UI elements like TreeTable, Pagination etc. This issue is intermittent and could not identify a pattern to
replicate this.
Here are of the observations
• Difference in the theme.css background-image url
• Issue occurs across all browsers IE8, Chrome
• Between the icons appearing and reappearing there were no deployments (Changes to ear file)
• Between the icons appearing and reappearing there were JVM restarts

When the icons appear – theme.css

.ui-widget-content .ui-icon {
background-image: url("/TestWeb/faces/javax.faces.resource/images/ui-icons_616161_256x240.png?ln=primefaces-aristo");

When the icons do not show up – theme.css

.ui-widget-content .ui-icon {
background-image: url('…isto#{resource[\'primefaces-aristo:images/ui-icons_616161_256x240.png\']}');

Here are the software versions,
Primefaces – 3.2
JSF – Mojarrra Implementation 2.1.12
App Server – WAS7

Thanks in advance for your help,
5 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I just joined the Ranch. I am getting ready to start preparing for the SCJA certification, but I am not sure what the best resources are?

Sun has a J2EE Platform Overview for Managers bundle web-based course. Has anyone bought this course?

Thanks in advance for your help/guidance

Miles Fitzgerald II