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Recent posts by Chia-you Chai

It is an "Open Taiwan Travel Data" project called accessTawan. Our goal is to open the official Taiwan travel data and build up a RESTful API for developer to create various apps or services.

We are glad to release our traffic and travel data. Please check the post for more information : Have you already enjoy the open data ?

We are highly seeking for your comments !
8 years ago
Dear Friends :

We are glad to release our first package of API. Getting start with the train information for Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR).
For more information, please visit our blog with the usage of APIļ¼š

We are seeking for your feedback and suggestions. Please visit our website, using the uservoice widget at the right-bottom for sending your suggestions!

Happy Open Data with RESTful API !
8 years ago
There is an "Open Taiwan Travel Data" project called Our goal is to open the official Taiwan travel data and build up a RESTful API for developer to create various apps or services. If you have interest in this project, please leave your email. We will send you the related information about this project.

The project webpage :
8 years ago
Yes ! I change to and it works ! Thanks for helpin !
10 years ago
Thanks for reply ! That's really a nice post to improve my knowledge about RE.
However, when I try to apply this regular expression to detect emoticon, I only can get the first emoticon in the sentence.

Is there any approach that I get get all the emoticons in the sentence ?

Thanks again
10 years ago
Hello, I have a question on detecting the emoticons in a string.

If I have a sentence "

How can I use regular expression to extract the emoticons and in this sentence ?

Thank you helping !!
10 years ago
Finally JMF helps a lot. You can call the getFormat method by specify a locator instance.

10 years ago
Hello, I want to get the frame rate, fps and resolution from a video file store in the local disk. Does any java api or library can help me to get such information ? Thanks a lot
10 years ago
Hello, I have a question about the method actionPerformed(ActionEvent e);
In many times, we will specify the following statement :

But I have some confuse about that : We have already specify the object "button" itself, why we have to use "this" as the argument of the addActionListener() method ? Why we have to emphasize button and this to indicate button object itself?

Thank you for your reading and reply
12 years ago
Maybe you can type the following command on your console :

set classpath = .

. means that you set the current directory as your classpath

Good luck !
12 years ago
Dear "Marc Weber" , I have known that naming policy after I post the reply, now I have change my name. Thank you for your attention.
14 years ago
2. What is static? Let me take "Math" class for example.
Some methods or data is useful and we want to call them easily. What should we do? For example:

See? I do not new a Math object to call the method "abs(int i)".
Such as : It is wrong!
Because the declaration of abs() is

When a method or variable declare as static , you must use className.methodName or className.variableName to call them. The static members are owned by class , not object.
14 years ago
I just reply what I know. If there are any wrong points , please tell me.

1. Overload : means that methods with different type of parameters.Take "valueOf" as example: there are many versions of method valueOf , such as valueOf(boolean b)、valueOf(int i)、valueOf(char c)...etc.
According to the different type of arguments , calling corresponding methods.
Override : means re-defined super class's methods. When you extends super class , you got some methods from it. But it is not agree with you at all. In this situation , you can "override" the method. For example:

[ July 22, 2006: Message edited by: kevingo ]
14 years ago