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Recent posts by Vignesh Murali Natarajan

K Zhang wrote:I don't want to use it. But it's in my assignment.

Read the assignment carefully. Just because the word "POS" is present in the assignment does not imply that is what is used. Read that line(where it says POS) carefully, there is also another statement that clearly conveys a meaning that is different than what you interpreted. In my opinion scenario 2 is what is ridiculous. An e-commerce web site is meant to be 24X7. If you design a system where each payment has to be processed by a human - that is a bit counter productive and is opposed to the very definition of online shopping. It is also detrimental to other requirements

P.S : I got the same Big Smokes Cigar Shop Assignment. HTH

joey cole wrote:It is very disheartening that we, certification seekers have to pay the consequences for their slow responses. Oracle should grant those of us who tried to submit the assignment before the 27th additional time, as this isn't our fault at all - how was I supposed to know that I need to upload the assignment via Pearson (I bought my assignment via Prometric), and that I need to request a voucher, which may take 5 business days to respond? Combined with the fact that I cannot take Part 3 without submitting it via Pearson, and that I need to schedule Part 3 at least 24 hours prior, t is very difficult for me to make the deadline.

Please look at this thread. Maybe it comforts you

Yes you can. In fact I completed my part 3 before submitting my part 2.
Thanks All!

It all depends on what your priority is. Quality Work or Achieving the Certification. At the end, I believe that the assessors do a fair job in awarding a passing score only for the ones that are deserving. If you complete everything before August 27, you secure yourself a second chance without the mandatory training. Good luck to all aspirants!
Congratulations! Looks like we bot got the results on the same day
10 years ago
Hello Ranchers. I got two emails yesterday night from Oracle Certification Team.
1. I cleared the OCMJEA Certification. Finally, an agony of 11 weeks culminated in a happy ending . For those of you who are waiting - I submitted the assignment on June 7, 2011 and received a confirmation on June 9, 2011 stating that my assignment was sent for grading. It took them 74 days from then on to provide me the results. My heartfelt thanks to Javaranch. The information here is extremely useful for aspirants
2. About a new provision to resubmit without the mandatory training. This provision is only for those who submitted before August 27, 2011 and unfortunately fail.
Hope this second mail helps many people who are aspiring this certification and those who are awaitig the results like me

Dear Vignesh,

This email is to inform you that there has been a delay in grading assignments and essays. At this time, you may have been awaiting your results for more than four weeks. Please know that we are working diligently with the grading team to clear the backlog as quickly as possible. A bigger concern for you is probably the upcoming training requirement for your Java Master certification. We can assure you that should you receive a failing grade on your assignment, we will allow you time to resubmit and become certified should you pass, without completing the training requirement even if you receive your grade after the September 30 deadline. The exceptions outlined below will be allowed.

Candidate submits Assignment and Essay (and has completed any other required exams) by August 27, 2011 and receives a passing grade after September 30, 2011
This candidate will receive the certification without completing the training requirement

Candidate submits Assignment and Essay (and has completed any other required exams) by August 27, 2011 and receives a failing grade after September 30, 2011
This candidate will be given the opportunity to resubmit the assignment and essay within a prescribed time period. Should the candidate pass on the second attempt, he will receive the certification without completing the training requirement. Should he fail on the 2nd attempt, training will be required for certification based on subsequent attempts.

Oracle Certification Team

I submitted after a week you had. Although I took my part 3 few days before my part 2 submission. I was in communication with the OCP team for sometime before and after my submission regarding some of the frequently asked questions. I learnt that it may take from 6-8 weeks for them to evaluate and come up with a result. I thought that was the reason why they extended the mandatory training deadline. Like you am waiting too.

Jari Timonen wrote:While waiting for email, i'm not going to waste time. Even if i pass. I really wan't to know what went bonkers.

Accessor: Assessment : Marks lost in the three major UML diagrams (class, component and deployment) due to an incomplete representation of the business problem coupled with an inadequate level of detail. The candidate is also encouraged to revisit the mitigations proposed for the top three risks and to add more detail on exactly how each mitigation will be implemented and how it will adequately resolve the risk identified.

Factory Homes
Class Diagram: No JSP's, used composite pattern in domain model (16 classes + domain model), did not show any interfaces,
Component: presentation, managed beans, session beans, DAO's + web services.
Deployment: This was the reason i failed. Got really bad scores. firewall, load balancer (also between IMS/3D modelling tool), two nodes. Also used cloud computing.. this might been big mistake.

Please delete this post if too detailed information..


ps. yes, I did read Cades book.

You seem to have received detailed description on the problem areas, but the puzzling piece is that you say that you got a score that is greater than the passing score which is ironical
I feel that the class diagram should include JSPs and interfaces. Basically things that you create for the project. Although the JSPs do not belong there, I adhered to Cade's style and did put them in there. Maybe you should add more classes to improve detail

Ranganathan Kaliyur Mannar wrote:hmm...I don't think its a good idea to use different colors for relationship 'lines' of different classes...maybe you can use the same color for the same 'type' of relationship. Also, when we use color for a class or note its huge and visible. When you use color for a line it may not be clearly visible. That is again a negative point for us. In Sheil's chapter 9, he says that we have to provide 'legend' if we are using colors. If you are using random colors, again you have a problem.

As for UML tools providing options for colors:
I have myself used colors in my designs where I show classes in 'yellow' and notes in 'pink' - but not for the relationship lines - and I am not using any colors for the exam...

OK. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Ranganathan Kaliyur Mannar wrote:still not clear...I understand that you obviously cannot paste the diagram. suppose class A has (composition) class B, class C, then you how the relationship with say green color. Another unrelated class D has class E (composition). Are you showing this in different color? I don't think its a good idea. btw, how many classes do you have?

I had close to 60 classes. Lets say Class A has relationships with Class B & C(association and dependency). Both are shown in green color. Similarly lets say Class B has relationship with Class D & E (be it any relationship), these both are shown in orange color. The colors are not picked based on the type of relationships, but just random colors have been used.

Ranganathan Kaliyur Mannar wrote:your question is not clear to me...why do you want to distinguigsh relationships with colors?
I mean, generalization/realization/association(composition/aggregation)/usage dependancy all have different arrowheads and line styles. That itself is sufficient, right?

I did not mean distinguishing between different relationships like dependency, realization association etc. What I meant was that I was using random colors to distinguish relationships of one class from another. For Instance, all relationships(and their corresponding stereotypes) arising from a single class will have the same color. This was done because there were many class linked together and hence to improve readability. Hope I am making my point clear
In my class diagram, I have a lot of relationships running in every which direction. I am using random colors to distinguish one relationship(and its stereotypes) from another? I know UML has standard colors set aside for stereotypes. Is this wrong? Should I resort to just using black? (If I should not be using other colors why on earth do most UML tools provide the ability to change colors )