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Originally posted by Ankur Sharma:

even i wanted to know about openings in canada.
these sites which you mention serve no puropse at all.
one must get the openings directly then only one can apply


The site I had mentioned would tell you about the qualifications needed to get a work permit for Canada. However if you want to know about individual openings, then its better that you get in touch with a Consultant.
14 years ago
If it is an internal transfer, then the company would have already informed your friend of the salary structure. If it has not, then it is best to ask them first, since each company has its own internal structure for paying its associates who are travelling abroad.
14 years ago

Originally posted by Ayub ali khan:
Hi James,

My only parameter is a good job on Java/J2EE. What is the way to get a work permit for canada directly without any consultant intervention. Whats the procedure for US ?

Thanks and Best Regards

If a good job on Java/J2EE is the only parameter then I am sure there are quite a few openings in India. However if you are still interested in migrating check this site out work permit. Doing your masters would be one of the easiest ways to get a job abroad without the consultants intervention. Or else go to U.S. from India and then get a job there and ask your employer to process the H1B.
14 years ago
Do you mean that when you applied for the MNC you showed only your U.G. and got a job ? If so, then how much years of experience did you show while joining the MNC? If you had stated that as 4 years, then inform your manager that you had done the MSC as part time rather than saying that it was a regular course. In this way, you can have both your degree and your experience accounted for

But the only thing I am confused about is, how did the guys who recruited you not see through the whole thing ?? How could you pass off with 4+ yrs experience when you only had 2 and get into an MNC ??
[ January 09, 2007: Message edited by: James Wenchen ]
14 years ago

Originally posted by Ayub ali khan:

Is it worth migrating to Canada compared to US ?

Best Regards

What are the parameters that you are looking at ?
14 years ago
Your friends can easily find a good job outside. However if they have been working for about an year in your old company, then I suggest that they send a legal notice. Since it is a small company, they would prefer to settle the issue out of court and give them the relieving letter.[Or]
If your friends have an appointment letter and a salary slip for any month, then they can explain their situation to the HR of the new company and get their experience counted.
[ December 21, 2006: Message edited by: James Wenchen ]
14 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Van:
Hmm.. You know, I had this one super-sexy looking tech interview (girl), and I failed to answer any questions at all. In the end, she asked me "Do you have any questions for me?" So, I asked her out. She said no. Funny, I didn't get an offer letter, but I figured I wasn't gonna get one anyway, so what the heck! You only live once!

Keep up the good work
14 years ago
If your current job already treats you as "Special" why are you looking for other jobs ?? Does that mean you want to be "just another guy" in "just another job" ?
14 years ago

Originally posted by reubin haz:
When I get some emails from recruiter, they ask me what is my current salary. What do you guys think would be good answers?

Don't answer it? Tell them the real amount you make? Tell them its my confidential? Or what else do you guys think would be good?

[ December 05, 2006: Message edited by: reubin haz ]

Tell them the salary you are getting. However when they ask for your expected salary tell them its negotiable based on the job profile and you would be able to make your mind up after the discussion. Sometimes the consultants do not forward your resume to the company if they feel that your quoting a high amount as your expected salary.
14 years ago
Well i am not sure if this is a good offer but for the details on Kuwait check this site Kuwait.
* You can save atleast 50k INR with the salary you have quoted.
* Food, especially if you are a veg.
* No Life.
* Not very easy to switch jobs.
[ December 04, 2006: Message edited by: James Wenchen ]
14 years ago

Originally posted by Srini Vikram:
Hi Friends,
I am currently working in the U.S and i want to come back to India as early as possbile ,within the next two months if possible. I have around 3 and half years experience in I.T(programming) in the U.S. Can anyone let me know whether it is possible to have a job offer in India from the U.S? I would like to have a job offer in India before coming there. I dont have that many contacts in India.I would really appreciate it if someone can help me in this regard.

It is pretty easy to get an IT job in India for a 3+ year experienced professional. Post your resume in naukri, monster and a few more job portals and i guess u would have a good offer within a month's time.
Getting a job is easy, but do make sure that the job fulfills your aspirations ( apart from the financial one).
all the best with your job hunt
14 years ago
Since you are a fresher focus on the projects, the languages you had used in that project and your resume. The questions would basically be the concepts of Computer Science along with whatever you have in your resume. A little research on the company also helps.
All the best
14 years ago
Instead of quiting your job and going to US through a consultant, just check in your company if there are ways of you getting to US through your company. In that way you can get the money you want and you are ensured of quality work as well.
However if that does not work out, just try for a new job which has openings for the positions to be in US. There are some posts in job sites where desi companies look for specific skillset to send the people abroad within a short period of time.
14 years ago
Hey.. do not be scared... it is just 3 days since you joined... like Amit said you can start of with greeting the people and you would have your official induction into the project where you would get to know more people and you can start your rapport building from there... friendship in a new company takes time, so nothing to worry.. enjoy your work and before you know you would have made quite a number of friends
14 years ago

Originally posted by RaviKumar Ramachandran:
Good brand name, pay and onsite..actually regarding work we cannot say anything because what if the work there,even though it is interesting, is much worse than your present one?
will you again shift back to your previous employer..?

Well then you get the extra money for doing the same thing.. Of course work completely depends on the projects you are put in... I was quoting an example like say you were in support for a while and was fed up with it and the other company offers you a chance in development
[ September 13, 2006: Message edited by: James Wenchen ]
14 years ago