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Recent posts by Marre Mask

Implement a getValue(String value) function. I will work fine and the code will be clearer.
What it all comes down to is how you justify your choice. I had to "break" on of the requirements but I made it anyway with a pretty good score (151/155).

Originally posted by Ricardo Polero:
Congrats ! again
I have some questions ?
1. I have not used any patterns as I never felt the need for any - which patterns according to you are absolutely necessary ??
I think you should use patterns since they are well known solutions to some of the problems with this assignment. At least I used a couple of them. What it all comes down to is how you can justify the way you built the solution.
2. What have you provided in the GUI menubar?? Is it needed at all?
I only provided a exit option in the menybar. I think most of the GUI-clients created today uses menubars so I think it's needed.
3. Apart from Javadocs have you provided anyother help ( except for running instructions)??
I provided a text document explaining how to use the client as it says in the assignment.
Any other comment would be highly appreciated
All the best

Hi everyone.
I just wanted to share my success with you all.
I just got my result back one week after I wrote the additional test.
This is my report:
This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible # of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124.
General Considerations(maximum = 58): 54
Documentation(maximum = 20): 20
GUI(maximum = 24): 24
Server(maximum = 53): 53
I would like to thank everone taking part in this forum. It helped my a great deal.
Maybe a go for the SCWCD now.
[This message has been edited by Marre Mask (edited August 20, 2001).]
Does anyone know the current waiting time for marking of the assignment?
I have problem finding good reason to why I choose RMI intead of Sockets. My only reason to why I choose RMI instead of Sockets is that I thought it would be more interesting to try a new technic. Please give me som feedback on the more technical approach to why you should use RMI instead of Sockets.
Does anyone have any good thoughts on this subject. The only think that directly pops up in my mind is that it's unnecessary to extend the Data class and therefor make it impossible to extend anything else.
When you wrote that you used the MVC pattern for the GUI, did you mean that Swing in itself uses MVC or did you mean something else?
If you meant that Swing uses MVC is that really correct? From what I understand uses it a modified type of MCV. I'm I rigth or wrong?

Originally posted by Rick Fortier:
I could never how to figure this out, but some people use custom socket factories to do this. I would search this NG for those messages.
The other way is that some people modify the signatures of the lock/unlock methods.

Are you really allowed to change the signature of lock(int) and unlock(int)? It's says in the instructions "Record locking must be implemented using the methods public void lock(int) and public void unlock(int)".
Does anyone know a good way to implement this.
It's says in the assignment documentation that you should implement public void lock(int) and public void unlock(int). How I'm I then supposed to be able to track which client that is trying to lock and unlock the current record? Using the current threads name doesn't seem to be a adequate solution.
Any suggestions?
It would be interesting if you could explain how and why you used factory pattern in the client?
Can someone please recommend book for the SCJD exam. Especially books that covers RMI and patterns.
Thanks in advance.
If you want to have two packages 'client' and 'server' in a RMI solution for the SJCD assignment. What's the rigth place to put the Remote interface? The 'client' or the 'server' package?