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Recent posts by vijayk kumar

hi friends,

at the time of retrieving records in excel sheet i am getting null values for the alpha numeric values in the excel sheet
one of the field in excel sheet is "n38w"
while printing on the console null value appearing in the place of this field .
connection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbcdbcriver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};DBQ=" + fileName);

String query="Select [stock_no],[shape],[size],[color],[clarity],[rap-price],[ttl rap price],[whlrapdiscount],[ttlwhsl price],[retailrap discount],[retail price],[ttl retail price],[cert],[depth],[table],[girdle],[culet],[polish],[sym],[fluor],[crown],[pavil],[meas],[comment],[stones],[certno],[rapcode] from[Fortune Inv$]";
//[whlsprice],,, from[Fortune Inv$]";

System.out.println(rs.getString(1)); Here null value is getting
Does a final variable initialized in overloaded constructors differently.
Then what about the necessity of intializing a variable at the declartion?
11 years ago
Thanks Keith!
Please see my posting on Exception
11 years ago
what is the difference between converting an primitive data type integer to a string object?
int i=10;
String s1=Integer.parseInt(i) and
String s2=i+" ";
11 years ago
Thanks James!
Please see my next posting.
11 years ago
Why an Exception Object's constructor is called when I invoke an
ExceptionObject.toString() eventhough I have not defined toString() method?
11 years ago
What is the purpose of declaring a Vector as final as,
final Vector v= new Vector(1);
11 years ago
Thanks, I am now clear!
11 years ago
Hi All,

Can we overload a main() method?
When the compiler issues an error message " two entry points defined?"
11 years ago
Let me clear the topic
The question is exactly the same.
I said all the primitive data types .
( But class is also an abstract data type or a user defined datatype
I think interface is also a type )
Then the interviewer posed this question.
So let me know now the concept behind this question.


11 years ago
Hi All,

Recently I faced this question " How many type definitions are there in java?"

I have an answer like interface,class,primitive datatypes.
Am I correct?
11 years ago
I am clear now!
11 years ago
Yes , I get it .Now I will try with an example.
11 years ago
Can the object refernce be used to access a private member?
If so in what situations?
11 years ago
Dear Members,

Is it true that an object can be created in two ways.
one is by new() and another by deserialization.
What is the exact differnce between these two?
11 years ago