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Recent posts by Vepa Sritej

Hello ranchers,

I am developing a web application wherein I noticed that whenever I get an exception at any point of time, the session attributes are getting null. Why is this and how to avoid this? Please help!!
Thanks a lot Collins , the status says delivered and its been more than 2 months... I dont where exactly the problem is in order to track the delivery.I have not even recieved an email on this....

Just wondering where my certificate is...Will they be providing another one?
Hello all,

I have cleared the exam SCWCD 2 months ago and still I havent recieved the official certificate from SUN, can anyone tell me how to get it or track it?

Thanks in advance...
Hello all..

I have completed my SCWCD about 3 weeks back and cleared the exam with 90%. I havent recieved the certificate yet, is there any way to track the status of it or any relevant contact in Sun official site.

Could anyone please help,
Please excuse me if this query is irrelevant in this forum..

Originally posted by Anupam Rathi:
Congrats Vepa....
Can you please share your preparation.

I am also planning for it.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello Anupam,

I have gone through the HFSJ twice.Practised few examples( this is must!!).. then took Whizlabs exams which are very very tough compared to the real one... Also took many online exams mentioned in this forum.I went through the API which is also compulsory .. And for design patterns I studied PeaBody notes. Everything takes 1 month to complete if you stick to task..That too I dont have a prior JSP & Servlet experience...

All the best Anupam...
12 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

Just cleared the exam with 89%. As expected the exam has 80 questions 10 of which are not evaluated. The exam is pretty balanced, we can find 50% easy questions and the rest have something to think about

This forum has played a great part in my preperation. Many of my doubts that are not clarified just by reading HFSJ got cleared here. I thank one and all for answering my queries as well..

And finally all the best for everyone..
12 years ago
Could anyone please answer my question as need to take my exam soon.

Originally posted by Shini Akshi:
Hi Jan,
Thanks so much, I got this clarrified and really helpful for the SCWCD

Hi Shini,

could you please explain me the answer...
Hello ranchers,

I have a doubt on the usage of <error-page> tag.

Can anyone explain in detail when exactly will an error-page be called? Will it be called for all exceptions or for only the exceptions that extend ServletException or IOException. While I was doing some mock tests i have encountered few questions related to when the error-page will be called. Please help..

Originally posted by Christophe Verre:
Please read carefully

[ October 29, 2007: Message edited by: Christophe Verre ]

yes yes it is dynamic-attributes...

Originally posted by Christophe Verre:
In Tag Files, you can use the "dynamic-attributes" attribute of the "tag" directive to access dynamic attributes. This attribute will represent a Map containing the dynamic attributes, so you can access them the same way you would access objects from a Map.

That means <%@ tag body-content="scriptless" dynamicAttributes="myMap" %>

Is this what you mean??
Hello all,

I have purchased whizlabs simulator of the exam. I thought i had fair amount of preperation before doing the mock exams of whizlabs. But to my suprise im just able to pass any exam in it. Is this simulator a decent reflection to original exam?I get a feeling that these exams are really tough!!

How can we represent dynamic attributes using a tag directive in the case of simple tag files...

Can anyone explain what is the use of beanName attribute in <jsp:useBean> as opposed to class attribute. I read somewhere that these both cannot be used in conjunction.
I guess Page 2 will be displayed , the buffer from the first servlet will be cleared..