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Recent posts by vuthlarhi donald

These is how the code is looking at the moment, I want to use java enums instead of constant's,

the first step that I did was to create an enum that looks like this

...How do I save this enum to the database
12 years ago
I just tried that in my loop..

combo[n-1][j].addActionListener(new ActionListener(){public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {System.out.println("Clicked: "+(n-1)+" "+this.j); }});

it's now complaining about local variable i.e 'n' and 'j' need to be declared final
12 years ago
I am creating a dynamic interface in java. It resizes and adds multiple components depending on your input on certain things. I know this is like what...

The application allows a user to add business objectives. I created a JTabbedPane with the number of panels == number of objectives defined.

Each panel in the JTabbedPane uses a JComboBox[][] to define certain ratings they should use to rate objectives. The panels use GridLayout to add the JComboBoxes[][]

Under ActionListiner, I need to find which combobox was selected and it's position in the panel as per the gridLayout. So effectively, I can use event.getSource() to get the combobox but need to get it's position in the gridLayout.
12 years ago
thank you guys...and I am happy to be part of this family...
this my first post here...I want to take the Exam in Nov...can anyone recomends good books for preparation for the exam.
yes I googled it, bt it doesn't work the way I expected it to...found sumthing like subString("Java",1,1); which return J, but what if you want a, is the sumthing like ("Java",1,2); sumthing that will just return a...and so on
I am new to xsl, so what I want to just to return a character by index.

In java i Know that if I have got a String like "Java"

if I do "Java".subString(0,1) that will give me J, and if I do "Java".subString(1,2), that will give me a, but for xsl it doesn't work like that. perhaps is there any other method that I can use besides substring....thanks for your help guys

how do I get the desired out(indicated by the comments)..I am running out of ideas, ben tryaying different things but It does nt work. what can i do to get character one by one
Iwant to sort the map, so that when I print the result's ...everything must be sorted with aphabetical order, with the ordinal values as well. so I can't use a TreeMap, because that will only sort the values of the enums/ordinal values...I am running out of

12 years ago
Sun Java Programmer Plus Certification is on it's way...Sun is getting rid of SCJP6.0 and 5.0...let's here what the expect say about these!!! it still worth it to go and take the SCJP??
there are no stupid questions only stupid people...congress
12 years ago
thank you I understand it...
the question is I don't understand the output

Just wanted to ilustarte that I know how the post increament works, but I don't get it when we return back to the you can ignore the comments..
public class Q {

public static void main(String[] args) {
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
System.out.println(i++); // I am loosing it here..if i=0 ; j = i++; that I know that j will be zero, but 4 that I am loosing it