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Cisco Certification
May not be like Javaranch, but this will probably link you to many more sites.
Using fork and spoon, I can understand. What I don't understand is holding your fork in your left hand in United States and holding the fork in your right hand in the United Kingdom.
20 years ago
I live in the Silicon Valley. Today while driving , I saw a gentleman standing at a major intersection with a big board hanging on his shoulders. The board read,

Will Work for a ($)ix figure salary
  • Just out of retirement
  • MBA degree
  • 25 years of high tech marketing experience
  • creative (etc etc)
  • works hard, eats less

  • Can't say much about his other skills, but Creative, he sure is!!
    20 years ago

    Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
    I think Sameer's got it, but I'm not sure I interpret it correctly. Therefore I *believe* I am restating it here.
    Act I: Wear both condoms
    Act II: Remove outer condom
    Act III: Reverse outer condom and wear over inner

    I think what Sameer said is,
    Act I: Use First condom
    Act II: Wear Second condom and then wear First condom over it
    Act III:Use Second condom
    [ April 30, 2002: Message edited by: Sandra Marti ]
    20 years ago
    I totally agree with Ajith. A couple of years back, a nine year old had cleared the CNE exam. In my opinion these kids are gifted.
    Looks like you graduated from an U.S. university. I have seen lots of companies offering entry level positions for fresh graduates. It should be easier to get a job if you are a green card holder. If you need a sponsorship then it might be a little difficult. I think java certification will definately help you. So go for it.
    21 years ago
    Minimum salary for California is 50-55k. Your company has to pay you that much if you are in California. Cost of living depends again on which part of California you live. Silicon Valley/Bay area is the most expensive. Rents are high(compared to most of the U.S). If you are single and share an apartment here, you might be able to save a tiny bit. But if you are coming as a junior programmer, 50k is not bad but it would be wise to choose to work in a less expensive state initially.
    21 years ago
    Congrutulations! It is indeed an achievement considering you had two kids to look after.
    I had bought JSecure just before my exams and I strongly disagree with you. When you decided its worth did you consider the effort the JSecure people had put into making their product very close to the real exam? Well, if your idea of a good product is one where you find questions similar to the actual exam then yes, You will not find actual exam questions in JSecure but thats the whole point. It gives you a product where you can practice and boost your confidence. What I liked most about JSecure is the clear wordings and unambiguous questions and answers.
    I will be going to the job fair today in the bay area. I have never been to one before, I have no idea how it goes. Do they conduct any technical interviews on the spot or ask to take any test? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
    21 years ago
    Well, I have not attended any interviews here, but since no one has replied yet, I would atleast tell you what I think. Go through javaranch programmer certification forum. I think since you have applied for the entry level position they will ask you very basic questions, similar to the ones asked in the SCJPE. Some employers even ask you to take an online test which is again similar to most of the mocks. If they ask you about the advanced topics, I don't think you have to worry. Had you known the advanced topics you wouldn't be applying for an entry level position, would you?
    I am in the same boat as you. Have worked as analyst programmer for 6 years but have been at home for last 3 years. Want to go for entry level position but not yet got myself to apply anywhere. Do let me know of your experiences.
    All the best.
    [This message has been edited by Sandra Marti (edited September 13, 2000).]
    21 years ago
    Here is your JSecure. All the best in your exam!
    RHE have also corrected their error. In their Errata they have asked to ignore that statement ("transient variables cannot be final or static"). Its right here
    Well, I am familiar with the word 'haunted'. I am sure those unanswered or wrongly answered questions are haunting you. I think you failed to make it because you panicked . Even if you are well prepared for an exam but not in the right frame of mind, you can score less. Don't worry about failing. Even people with years of experience in java have failed in their first attempt! Now since you already know the type of questions and format of real exam, you can be well prepared for the second time. I think if you can devote entire time for studies, you should schedule your exam two weeks from now.
    When you go for exam be confident, answer the simple ones first marking the difficult ones. And don't panick . Cheer up!
    I suggest you read the RHE again for the last time. Solve the exercise questions and the test on the CD. Solve few mock exams and most importantly go through as many post you can at javaranch. During this one week study, note down all the things which you think you are not comfortable with and need to be revised just before the exam. All the best in your exam.
    The answer to question 3 would be ,' obj referenced by b will be eligible for gc after the statement d = a, because before the statement d = a is executed, d is a reference to the object originally referenced by b (remember the statement d = b ??)