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Recent posts by Suresh Gopalakrishnan

I have used the previous one while preparing for the SCEA.
I am sure this one will be as good as the last one.
I checked the part 3 results today and now I am a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect!!
Hello Max Moore,

Could you please ellaborate on your custom DataScorller implementation ?
I need to display large amount of data using datatable. So I am planning to use the server side pagination.
It looks like I need to customize the DataScroller available from the tomahawk. So If you can give me some details on your custom implementation that would be great... Thanks in advance.

12 years ago
I think Yes....
I had only 15 minutes left to review the things.
If you finish it earlier, that's great.


I searched in Google for "Top 19 IT Certifications" list and very much disappointed by not seeing the SCEA in those list.

What do you guys think ? I think SCEA should be in the list.. isn't it ?

Congrats to Shirish & Nivas..
Could you please share how long you had waited for the results ?

I am waiting for my results...
Congrats Aditee...

Don't worry about just having 16 classes.
You are right.. with JEE and EJB3, there a less patterns since Patterns like ServiceLocator are not needed.

But I strongly suggest you to introduce the DAO classes.
If you introduce DAO classes, then there will be clear separation between the business logic (session bean) and persistence logic (DAO + JPA)
more over introducing DAO pattern improves the maintainability & easy portability etc..

Hi Neetu,

1. As per the Mark Glade Book's Chapter 9, (2nd Edition) using @annotations is fine.

2. In EJB3.0 there is no "Entity Bean". So I used <<entity>> stereo type in my assignment.
In addition to that <<stateless-session-bean>> & <<stateful-session-bean>> & <<message-driven-bean>> can
be used respectively.

3. I think you can specify two stereo types, otherwise try using notes..

4. I have drawn the tree configuration in ArgoUML, but there is no direct structure. You have to break/drag the link,
manually for tree configuration.

5. Yes. If you include Controller, you better have the dependency arrow instead of Association arrow.
Association arrow needs to be used between the Business Domain Modal classes.


I just want to know whether JSF and JPA can be considered as framework..

I think these are specification given by Sun with reference implementation. Any vendor can provide implementation for these technologies.

In short, A framework is a set of classes/libraries for the standard services, which are used to reduce the amount of coding in an applictaion.

So just wondering whether JSF, JPA, & EJB are these technologies can be considered as JEE frameworks like Spring, Hibernate etc. ?


Previously for All there levels of SCEA the total cost is 200 + 250 + 150 == 600$

But now I guess we are looking at 300 + 375 + 300 == 975$..

Is it worth spending this much money beyond the effort & time for this certification ?
Looks like it's good money making business for them & money losing trap for us.. :-)))

I don't want to discourage SCEA aspirants, but just giving some awareness to be prepared for...