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Recent posts by Leonardo Borges

Yeah, I tried.

But no info there. At the test center, they don't even know there is a new beta exam.

I am from Brazil.

I remember that with the Associate Beta Exam, I was able to register from de prometric website.
It is strange that I can't now.
Hey guys, it's november 24th!

Did anybody manage to get registered?

I just can't find the beta tst listed at prometric.
A native library is a .dll, for example. Written in C or whatever language you want. And you can use JNI to access it.

The first problem of doing this is portability. The EJB Spec does not say that all containers must even allow it.

And related to security, a exception thrown by your native library may crash your container(like a divide by zero, for example).

The bottom line is, don't do it!

Hope I can help!

i- Entity Beans will survive a container crash. After all they're persisted in a database. And the data will still be there, unless you execute a DELETE against it

ii- No. For the container to call any callback method, it would have to first activate the instance. And there is no sense in activating a instance just to tell it's dead. You better have your clean-up code in both ejbRemove() and ejbPassivate()

Please all, correct me if I'm wrong!

Good luck!
Don't even think about waiting! Even if the EJB 3 certification would be launched soon, there would still be dozens of companies working with the older versions! So my tip is, go for the cert!

And for the spec, I didn't read it and scored 88% on the exam.

Hope this helps!
Studying the spec is something I was worried about before the exam.

Useful? Sure!
Needed? Maybe not. I passed the exam with a score of 88% without reading any spec page. Maybe I could have had a grade of 95% or more.... Maybe not.

But for sure it is NOT needed to just PASS the exam.

Well, it's my opinion anyway.
System exception is considered every subclass of RuntimeException plus java.rmi.RemoteException
Hey Guys!

Just got back from the exam!


Thanks for all the help I found on the forum!
14 years ago
Hey Guys!!!

Good news!!! I passed the exam!

Score: 88%!!!

Thanks to you all!!
Hey Guys I'm new to the ranch! Well... at least my registration is new.

My exam is scheduled for this friday, 08/11 and I've been using the forum to clear some of my doubts and gather more doc's and mock exams to practice.

I've given my self no more than 1 month to prepare, studying like 2 hours a day.

I just would like to congratulate all of you because the forum is awsome and has so much useful information!

Hope to post a happy topic by friday saying good news!

Wish me luck!

See ya guys!