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Recent posts by Deepak Mahboobani

Originally posted by Anamika Singh:

13 years ago
I'm looking for a computer game to play with Indian artifacts. Two games I've come across are:
1. Age of Empires 3 - The Asian Dynasty
2. Civilization IV.

Has anyone played any of these ? Could you share your experiences ?
13 years ago
There is no such thing as IT industry in Dubai. All they do it develop systems outside Dubai - UK, US, etc and deploy the code there. I was born and brought up there, worked there for 6 months and came back to India. They do not know the difference between a web designer and a web developer. You stand a chance of getting a job if you know VB - Access or Oracle Financials, SAP.
But again, software professionals do not prefer working in Dubai because of visa rules. You can't switch jobs without getting a ban of atleast 6 months.
Indian IT companies have their presence in Dubai but its as good as none. Mindtree, Patni are some companies I know. But its mostly testing related work.
13 years ago
Weakness: in me ?

Strengths: Rich, intelligent, handsome and modest
15 years ago
Does anyone use an LCD TV as a monitor ?

So far, I used my PC primarily for watching cable TV (via a TV Tuner), playing games, voice and video chat.

I surf the Net just for downloading music, movies, games, etc ocassionally checking my mails (who writes emails these days anywayz). A 15 inch monitor seemed pretty small (upgrading to 17 or 19 inch wouldn't really make sense considering I use my PC more like a media centre).

So, I decided to buy a Sony LCD (26 inch).

That way I wouldn't have to switch on my PC to watch cable TV. Moreover, playing games on a 26 inch display would be a thrill, not to mention watching DVDs on an LCD.

What do you guys think about using an LCD as a monitor ? Or would you prefer using a monitor as a PC?
[ October 01, 2006: Message edited by: Deepak Mahboobani ]
15 years ago
I wonder why we have done one arm between two chairs especially in theatres.
I've experienced many Indians shaking their legs while watching movies and it causes the adjacent seat to move as well.
Never experienced such a problem in Japan and Dubai.
15 years ago
"The Java Virtual Machine Specification," which in section 2.17.1 states, "The method main must be declared public, static, and void."

Sun introduced this problem in version 1.2 of Java. As of 1.3 the problem is still there.

After a quick search for "private main" at, I found (requires login):

As you can see, the main issue is a known problem with a bug report opened against it. However, Sun has closed the bug report and the problem will NOT be fixed, "The runtime allows call to private methods, because of reflection. Fixing it will cause potential troubles."

So there you have it.

However, be careful while taking the certification exam. Last time that I checked, the proper answer to "How do you define a main?" remains: "The method main must be declared public, static, and void." Reality and the correct answer seem to disagree.
Thanks Chetan - You hit the bulls eye.
15 years ago

Originally posted by marc weber:
I don't understand why you seem so intent on "winning" an argument, but you might take a look at this page on fallacy.

The inten is not on "winning", but on being able to sustain in an argument.

Ok let me put it this way, - How to argue with your boss? Any one?
15 years ago
Any pointers to books on topics such as:

1. How to win an argument
2. How to have things your way
3. How to be diplomatic
4. How to use jargons in "management talks"

I can think one of though I haven't read it: Don't say Yes when you want to say No
15 years ago