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As a system matures, is there a good indicator that a service should be split into smaller services?  Are there design considerations that can prevent this from occurring or ease the transition to multiple services?
1 year ago
I would take a look at IzPack for the installer.  I have also heard good things about NSIS, but I think NSIS only supports Windows.

Making executables is pretty easy with Launch4j.
1 year ago
Determining the best database is really subjective.  Here are a couple of good database systems.  If you have a database server being used by remote clients I would consider MySQL/MariaDB.  If the database is local I would consider sqlite.  My only reasoning is that they are well suited for general DB tasks, simple enough to implement, and they are popular enough to get good free help.

I am assuming you are not looking to store binary values.  If you are there are better databases for that, but I don't have experience with any of them.
If I were you, I would probably search for some kind of open source music program.  Once you find a project idea you like, get involved with it and work a few issues.
1 year ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:

Does anyone have any experience with these two processors and their differences? I've read online that, in practice, the Core 2 Duo is maybe 10-15% faster, but since I'm coming from a 667 mhz G4, and Abode Creative Suite is finally native-ish, I'll be thrilled either way.

macworld does speed tests:
here is the 15" Macbook pro core 2 duo.(2.33GHz)
here is the 15" Macbook pro core duo.(2.16GHz)

Here's a list of computers in case you want to look at others
[ May 08, 2007: Message edited by: John Davis ]
13 years ago
this is the way I do it, I go to and load the file and then get the download link and say... well you know
hope this helps
oh, .... didn't try that

I have a .mov file that I want to put on my website and I have googled for 20 min. and can't find anything how do you do it

I have a html guide that says
what does the "*" mean?
oh, I thought the url would change if I changed its location to the CD and I just got taco HTML editor at
I'm trying to make a cd with a web site on the cd and when I burn it to the cd I think it changes the url of it and I want to make it so all the code is on the cd with out any internet sources

I new to HTML so any help is greatly appreciated
well I got a eMac os 10.3.9 install disc and it came with IE
and I meant what company do you work for?
13 years ago
wow that stinks when ever I install a mac os that comes with IE it doesnt take long to find its way to the trash can
all well
where do you all work?
[ November 01, 2006: Message edited by: John Davis ]
13 years ago
I thought it was more funny then scary unless IE doesn't stand for internet explorer
13 years ago
I once saw a usb antena for wireless range increase it was three feet tall and I think like $100 or more... and the increase was I think 300Ft. not sure if that would increase speed though.
If you think this could help tell me and Ill find it (its in one of my Macworld magazines)
13 years ago